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Coronation Streets Aadis new romance confirmed after Courtney Vance heartbreak

Coronation Street's Aadi Alahan is set to find a new love interest following his recent heartbreak over Courtney Vance.

Fans of the soap will remember that Aadi and Courtney had a secret affair earlier this year, which ended in a dramatic fashion when Courtney's husband, Darren, discovered the truth and filed for divorce.

And recently episodes saw Aadi left shocked when Darren unexpectedly turned up at his flat with news from Courtney, revealing that they were working on mending their marriage.

This unexpected turn of events left Aadi heartbroken, especially when he later discovered that Courtney had blocked his number.

In the coming week, Aadi's sister Asha will uncover the truth when she sees Courtney and Darren together, mistakingly believing that Courtney is cheating on her brother.

But Aadi won't be remaining heartbroken for too long, with the ITV soap already setting up a new romance, with none other than Amy Barlow, who was involved in a distressing rape storyline earlier this year.

Corrie executive producer Iain MacLeod, has teased the upcoming romance, as he said: "Amy, despite outward appearances, is profoundly affected by what happened as she will be for the rest of her life.

"So there's another chapter of this. We wanted this chapter to be a final catharsis that doesn't allow Amy to move on exactly, because I don't know that you ever can. But it allows her to enter a different chapter of her reaction to what went on."

He continued: "Amy will find herself driven to some fairly extreme lengths, in what she sees as an attempt to right some wrongs. She feels that she's acting in an entirely justified way.

"But it will fall to one of her friends to pull her back from the brink before she criminalises herself essentially, in a pursuit of what she believes to be a just outcome.

"Indeed, this story is a really significant staging post in our ongoing fostering of this closeness between Aadi and Amy. It's them being best friends and having each other's back, come what may.

"It's a really, really long-range love story that we're hoping to tell with them. It's going to really engage the audience."

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