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Coronation Street star confirms if Courtney's feelings for Aadi are genuine

The revelation of Courtney Vance (Stephanie Davis) and Aadi Alahan’s (Adam Hussain) steamy affair has really rocked the boat on Coronation Street, and has led to husband Darren (Ryan Early) throwing her out.

This has left Courtney with no choice but to move in with young lover Aadi, but things aren’t going too well in the family home.

‘For Courtney she’s completely made herself at home straight away in true Courtney style – feet up on the couch, taking forever in the shower,’ actress Stephanie Davis revealed.

‘Asha and everyone’s getting a bit irritated with her but Courtney’s oblivious to what she’s doing.’

When Courtney learnt that Darren planned to divorce her, and their pre-nup meant she wasn’t entitled to a penny, Darren assured Aadi that she’d get bored of him as soon as she realised he couldn’t give her the life she’d grown accustomed to.

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But is there more to Courtney and Aadi’s relationship than just a bit of fun?

‘She does really care about Aadi,’ Stephanie revealed. ‘She really is fond of him, but I think the cracks do start to show because she’s been so accustomed to that lifestyle with Darren, living the high life. Then it’s like “Wow. This is my reality now.” But she is fond of him.

‘Her feelings for Aadi are genuine. She does genuinely think the world of him and thinks he’s this beautiful person. But she’s just so toxic in her behaviours that she’s had for so long, it’s like she automatically goes back into those defects of character.

‘She does genuinely care about him. As has been said, Darren has cheated on her before in the past and a part of it for Courtney is “I’m going to treat you how you’ve treated me and let’s see how you like it.” She wants to get that reaction out of him.’

Stephanie went on to explain that her feelings for Aadi will become clearer as time goes on, though it won’t be the smoothest path.

‘The more it goes on, and you’ll see when the scenes come out, they have got this genuine, lovely little relationship together. I think they’re a bit like Marmite sometimes. Half of you is thinking “Oh no,” and half of you is thinking, “Actually I can see these two together. They’re actually quite cute together.”

‘They’ve got some really beautiful little scenes together coming up and it’s really endearing. She is fond of him but the cracks are starting to show.’

Despite the fact that she is starting to settle into her new life with Aadi, Stephanie admits that Courtney does miss Darren.

‘It’s a hard one for Courtney because I think she doesn’t really know what true love is. I feel quite sorry for her, she doesn’t know how to be loved.

‘I think because she’s come from such a bad background, she’s met this guy Darren who’s got loads of money and she’s thinking “Well this is better than nothing. At least I’m getting to live this luxury lifestyle.”

‘But it’s like having the money without the love or not having the money and having someone who genuinely cares about you and it’s like which way is she going to go?

‘She does miss Darren – obviously she spent all this time with him, but is it more the lifestyle that she misses?’

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