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Coronation Street spoilers: Steve McDonald flies to Germany to beg the doctors to help Oliver – but they refuse

STEVE McDonald flies to Germany to beg doctors there to help save Oliver – but they refuse. 

Leanne and Steve pinned their hopes on private treatment in Germany for Oliver after NHS doctors suggested turning off his life support as he continues to battle mitochondrial disease. 

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But private treatment seemed to be off the cards when the doctors revealed that, after discussions with the clinic in Germany, they'd reached the conclusion that Oliver’s condition is so severe they’re unable to offer him treatment.

But Leanne and Steve refused to give up – and decided to launch a court battle to stop doctor’s turning off their son’s life support.

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Leanne suggest they need to get the German doctors on side as the date for the final hearing is set. 

Steve suggests flying to Germany in a bid to persuade the doctors to fight for Oliver. 

Meanwhile, Leanne is interview by a journalist friend of Natasha’s named Suki, who tells Nick and Leanne she’d like to help them by telling their story to boost fundraising.

All is going smoothly as Leanne talks about Oliver, but when Suki asks about his impending death, Leanne flies into a rage.

Upon his return, Steve tells Leanne he hasn’t managed to secure the support of the German doctors.

Leanne is devastated but tells him he did his best. 

What's next for the devastated parents?

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