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Coronation Street spoilers – Major crisis on the cobbles for Adam Barlow & Sarah Platt; plus Eastenders & Emmerdale news

CORONATION Street's Adam Barlow struggles as his ex Lydia meddles in his marriage to Sarah Platt.

The solicitor – played by Samuel Robertson in the ITV soap – was left shocked when his former flame rocked up to Weatherfield.

Lydia (Rebecca James Ryan) has recently befriended Adam's wife Sarah Platt at work.

And it came as a shock to the PA when she found out that her new pal and husband used to be an item during their university days.

It becomes apparent that Adam can't cope with their friendship as he has a go at Lydia for talking about him behind his back to Sarah.

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    Hollyoaks' Jennifer Metcalfe strips to bikini in Dubai

    HOLLYOAKS babe Jennifer Metcalfe showed off her sensational figure in a tiny bikini while holidaying in Dubai.

    The 38-year-old sizzled in a beige one shoulder bikini and cropped wrap up top.

    The brunette beauty accessorised with a pair of round sunglasses and dainty anklet.

    The actress – who plays Mercedes McQueen- captioned the sunny snaps: "Chill harder than u party 🍷 ☀️ 🥰 🌅"

    Fans and co-stars rushed to comment on Jennifer's boozy party snaps.

    Nadine Mulkerrin- who plays Cleo McQueen- wrote: "Dammmm 🔥 get home now you’re having far too much fun ❤️"

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    EastEnders’ Maisie Smith wows with new haircut

    EASTENDER'S Maisie Smith revealed a new hair style as she cut her famous red hair after quitting the soap after 13 years.

    The actress looked chic with her shoulder length crop as she joined her old cast mates to watch a panto with Brian Conley.

    Maisie, 20, looked elegant as she stepped out after her hair transformation.

    She ditched her long layers for a sweeping fringe that framed her face.

    The Strictly star, who wore a deep off-centre parting, flicked her hair out at the ends for a sixties vibe.

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      When will Emmerdale’s Meena get caught? (Continued…)

      Previously, Meena had savagely slaughtered Leanna Cavanagh and Andrea Tate.

      Ben's shocking death left viewers reeling – and wondering just how long this murder spree is going to last!

      It's possible Meena's next victim could be her sister Manpreet Sharma.

      Meena took her sister hostage then drugged, gagged and tied her up after confessing her crimes to her.

      With Meena's serial killing streak, it's hard to say whether she would actually be able to kill her sister or if she'll let her go.

      Her crimes are certainly due to catch up with her.

    • Milica Cosic

      When will Emmerdale's Meena get caught?

      On November 25, Emmerdale fans were shocked to see Meena claim yet another victim.

      During the episode, the serial killer murdered kayaking instructor Ben after he discovered that she had tried to drown Victoria Sugden after last month's mysterious bridge collapse.

      Unlucky Ben discovered this whilst trying to clear his own name and, despite his efforts to get away, Ben became Meena's third victim after slipping on some spilled drink and falling unconscious.

      Callous Meena then watched the footage of her attack on Victoria back whilst Ben lay dying next to her before savagely finishing him off with an oar.

    • Milica Cosic

      Corrie viewers spot major blunder

      CORONATION Street fans couldn't help but laugh when they spotted one of the characters wearing an ITV pass on screen.

      Shona Platt was shown stomping the cobbles of Weatherfield wearing a lanyard for the broadcaster that makes the soap.

      She was seen bickering with Peter Barlow with a line of colourful ITV logos on a loop visible underneath her coat.

      One Corrie superfan the actress who plays Shona, and wrote: "Hey @juliagoulding, that Shona has nicked your ITV lanyard!"

      Another viewer posted: "Oooopsies #Corrie hawkeyes tonight, can you spot it."

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      Emmerdale horror as Meena confesses

      EMMERDALE’S Manpreet Sharma has finally discovered the full extent of her sister Meena Jutla’s sickening crimes.

      The captive doctor – who is played by actress Rebecca Sarker in the ITV soap – was horrified last night as Meena confessed to all of her killings.

      Having her sister captive in her upstairs bedroom – Meena decided to confess everything she had done to get Manpreet’s full reaction.

      Viewers are terrified for Manpreet.

      One wrote: "Every time Meena is on the telly she has me enraged!!!

      she’s definitely the villain of all villains."

      A second said: "Meena's a basket case, she needs to get out of Emmerdale, she reminds me of something from a horror movie, she needs a dagger in her heart."

      Another rejoiced: "Police finally arrive to arrest Meena."

      EastEnders spoilers: Bobby Beale in danger

      BOBBY Beale is going to discover the horrifying truth about the far right bombing plot in EastEnders.

      The teenage killer – who is played by actor Clay Milner Russell in the BBC soap – will be caught up in the horror attack this Christmas.

      Viewers know Aaron Monroe is part of a Nazi gang and they have been determined to stop Walford’s new Islamic community centre from opening.

      The Sun exclusively revealed how the Square will be rocked by a bomb plot at the centre over Christmas.

      Now spoilers have revealed that in the New Year, Muslim Bobby will start to piece together what happened.

      The fallout from New Year’s Eve continues to affect Albert Square residents in different ways. 

      • Milica Cosic

        Emmerdale spoilers: Vanessa Woodfield takes drastic action

        Over the festive period Vanessa makes a shock return, and ex Charity Dingle is even more shocked when she says that she’s staying for good.

        And the former flames butt heads over who has the privileged of looking after Johnny.

        Charity asks her ex if she can spend time with the youngster, but Vanessa puts her foot down and doesn’t let her.

        She also gets involved with her half-sister Tracy Metcalfe’s relationship and tells Nate that he can’t see his daughter Frankie.

        Tracy decides that enough is enough and kicks the farmer out for cheating on her.

      • Milica Cosic

        EastEnders’ Maisie Smith reunites with co-stars

        The actress, who recently quit playing Tiffany, posed for a snap alongside Zack, who plays Keegan, and Milly Zero, whose character Dotty caused the split between the couple.

        They were joined by Natalie Cassidy (Sonia) and Charlie Wernham, whose character Aaron dated Tiffany after her break up.

        Milly, whose on screen alter ego has just found out Brian’s character Tom is her dad, shared a series of snaps as they all hung out.

        She captioned them: “So enjoyed watching THE panto king do this thing today @realbrianconley – you had us in stiches. We love ya! 💗💫🎄.”

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        Ex Emmerdale star Adam Thomas shares hilarious snap of kids

        The soap actor, 33, who quit the ITV tea-time show in 2017 to star in panto, is proud parent to son Teddy and daughter Elsie-Rose.

        On his Instagram page he gave a glimpse of family life as he sat naked in a cream bathtub with stone-panelled walls.

        Adam clutched his daughter close to his chest while toddler Teddy, both of whom he shares with wife Caroline Daly, clambered on his back.

        In the caption, Adam wrote: “Nothing quite like a peaceful bath … said no parent ever 😂😂😂

        “Wouldn’t have it any other way… ❤️ or would you 🤔? lol.

        “Good morning people have a great day x”

        His fans shared the joke, with one writing: “Brilliant ❤️ spot on definitely in my house xx”

        Another posted: “Aww so cute. No such thing as peace when a mummy & daddy 😂” before one concluded: “Beautiful picture Beautiful family.”

        Coronation Street schedule chaos

        Corrie fans are in uproar this week as the soap schedules have been changed again.

        The ITV soap will not air in its usual 7.30pm and 8.30pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday slots because of The Voice Kids.

        Instead it will air Wednesday’s episodes tonight (Tuesday) at 9pm on ITV.

        Fans will then have to wait until Friday to see a new episode.

        Then the soap will air another hour-long special on New Year’s Eve.

        However unlike in past years, there will be no New Year’s Day episode of Coronation Street.

        In fact there will be no soaps airing on the day at all.

        EastEnders spoilers: Bobby Beale’s in danger

        BOBBY Beale is going to discover the horrifying truth about the far right bombing plot in EastEnders.

        The Sun exclusively revealed how the Square will be rocked by a bomb plot at the centre over Christmas.

        Now spoilers have revealed that in the New Year, Muslim Bobby will start to piece together what happened.

        The fallout from New Year’s Eve continues to affect Albert Square residents in different ways. 

        Bobby and Iqra continue campaigning but when Iqra tells him her new job wants her to start soon, she worries about leaving Walford. 

        Bobby assures her that she’ll do great and that Mila and Kioni will be with her soon. 

        Bobby then spots something that sends his mind racing and he’s set on finding out the truth.

        Later Bobby sticks up for himself and surprises those around him, he’s not letting go of his hunch and it may get him into more trouble than he bargained for. 

        Will Bobby end up attacked by the gang to stop him from exposing them?

        • Milica Cosic

          Emmerdale fans shocked as Manpreet turns the tables on sister

          Emmerdale viewers are in shock after Manpreet Sharma tricked her sister into keeping her alive.

          And, viewers cannot wait to see Manpreet take her sister down.

          One wrote: "Nicely played"

          A second said: "So glad manpreet now knows what her nasty sister is like now we just need the village to find out about who murdered leeana, and also who left andrea to die etc #emmerdale now to get meena out of the dales please"

          Another added: "I was worried re Emmerdale that Manpreet really had amnesia
          Hopefully Meena gets a mini comeuppance at New Year re Dawn
          And then the house of cards can start to fall"

        • Milica Cosic

          Corrie fans horrified as Tyrone ‘sells’ Jack & Vera’s house

          Fiz Stape – who is played by actress Jennie McAlpine in the ITV soap – wants to sell the house so she can buy into new love Phill’s swanky new house.

          And fans of the show have been left horrified after Fiz Stape told Tyrone Dobbs that she wants to sell Jack and Vera’s house.

          But with Tyrone unable to afford to buy her out of the house he inherited from Jack and Vera – she is demanding he sells up.

          After viewing the new house with Phil, Fiz told Tyrone: “This new place it’s going to be my home, isn’t it?”

          But with the house owned by Tyrone solely after it was left to him by Jack and Vera, viewers are disgusted.

          One wrote: “Erm no! You can’t sell Jack & Vera’s house, Fiz!”

          A second said: “To the writers of @itvcorrie you do realise Jack and Vera left that house to Tyrone and therefore Fiz has no right or say towards any sale of that house!”

          Another added: “Honestly the people on #Corrie without the first clue of what family life is like. Fiz is the only mum Ruby has ever known and Fiz has been in a common law marriage for years and contributed her earnings whilst raising children. It’s only decent & fair she gets half.”

        • Milica Cosic

          EastEnders' Maisie Smith as 'the other woman'

          Maisie was previously linked to Zack Morris after they were spotted leaving the cinema together and heading back to his house.

          The pair were seen entering his flat together, before they left separately the next morning.

          It came after Zack’s ex-girlfriend accused Maisie, 20, of being the other woman in their relationship.

          They were spotted strolling together after the flick, with Zack, 22, at one point walking behind Maisie, who had her hooded top pulled up over a cap.

          But in an exclusive interview with Fabulous, she said: “It’s similar to Hrvy in that we are just very close. 

          “Me and Zack worked every single day together, so we built such a nice friendship and we meet up. 

          “Because he’s the opposite sex, people just jump to conclusions that we are an item. We’re actually just good friends.”

        • Milica Cosic

          Emmerdale in HUGE shock twist

          EMMERDALE fans are terrified after Meena Jutla took sister Manpreet Sharma captive after discovering she remembers she’s a killer.

          Manpreet successfully convinced her that she had forgotten everything – but that failed last night.

          Meena managed to get her sister discharged into her care – and rushed her home.

          Viewers are terrified for Manpreet over what Meena will do to her.

          One wrote: "omg is manpreet actually gonna die wtf"

          Another added: "Meeena drugged Manpreet omg you cant end there!"

          But a third said: "I really hope Meena isn't on her way out. I've just started watching #Emmerdale again and I am loving her! 😁"

        • Milica Cosic

          EastEnders reveals bombshell

          In Walford, Chelsea’s awful Christmas is far from over, with baby Jordan in hospital and her new husband’s watchful eye more present than ever. 

          Gray ups the ante with his manipulation, using Chelsea’s fragile state to his advantage but Whitney and Kheerat remain steadfast in their plan to expose him.

          Phil’s snap decision sees unlikely duo Kat and Sharon forced to team up to try and make things right but will they get to him before the police do? 

          Little does Phil know that he’s soon to face his biggest challenge and will be forced make the ultimate decision that will put everything he believes as a Mitchell to the test. 

          Elsewhere, Zack is set on righting his wrongs with Sharon whilst Stacey has a new business venture and her eye on another prize. 

          She’s hoping she might hit the jackpot with her love life too but Jean demands her attention elsewhere. 

        • Milica Cosic

          Inside EastEnders Louisa Lytton’s first Xmas with daughter

          The 32-year-old, who plays Ruby Allen in the BBC soap, gave birth to a 6lb 5oz daughter in August.

          Louisa and fiancé Ben Bhanvra doted on Aura while celebrating on Christmas Eve because the actress had waited for her baby's first festive season for a 'long time'.

          The star shared her excitement about the big day on her Instagram stories.

          Louisa wrote over an image of colourful balls: "We are having our 'Christmas morning' tomorrow (as we won't be home Xmas day) currently prepping like Aura knows what's going on….

          "Because I've waited for my first Christmas morning with my baby for a long time."

        • Milica Cosic

          'Anti-vax’ daughter catches Covid AGAIN

          The daughter of ex EastEnders actress Danniella Westbrook has contracted Covid for the second time.

          Jodie Jenkins has posted anti-vax messages throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

          Jodie, the 20-year-old daughter of Danniella and ex Kevin Jenkins, tonight revealed she would be forced to isolate over New Year's Eve for the second year running, after months of speaking out against the Covid-19 vaccine.

          Hours before telling her fans about her positive test result, Jodie posted an apparent anti-vax message.

          It read: "Sorry Mrs Jones. I know you’re worried about that lump, but I’ve really got to give a booster to this healthy 25-year-old who has already had two jabs and one about a very mild Covid."

          Covid booster jabs protect against Omicron and offer the best chance to get through the pandemic, health officials have repeatedly said.

        • Milica Cosic

          Corrie fans all have the same thought after Kelly's surprise

          Coronation Street viewers are worried for Kelly Neelan after she finally got another chance.

          Viewers know Gary murdered Kelly’s dad Rick two years ago.

          And now he feels responsible about ruining her life.

          Fans have watched as Kelly has been targeted by Abi for her part in Seb’s murder.

          She turned to drugs again last week and tonight went to a meeting that Abi also attended.

          One wrote: "Are we supposed to forget that Gary was basically a gangster last year who murdered people"

          A second said: "How have we reached the point where Maria and Gary are probably the strongest couple on the street?"

          Another added: "You better count your blessings that Kelly dosnt discover your killer secret Gary 😬😬"

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          EastEnders viewers all say the same thing about Linda

          EASTENDERS fans all have the same thought after Janine Butcher went after Linda Carter.

          One wrote: "You’d think that Linda would probably recognise Janine seeing as they both lived on the square at the same time for a few months".

          A second said: "I’m even surprised Linda didn’t recognise Janine, they’ve deffo met".

          Another added: "So Linda doesn’t recognise Janine and Mr Lister doesn’t recognise Stacey… ok then".

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