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Coronation Street fans break down in tears as Leanne Battersby begs judge to save Oliver's life

CORONATION Street fans have broken down in tears at Leanne Battersby begging the court to save her son Oliver’s life.

The mum – who is played by actress Jane Danson in the ITV soap – dissolved into tears as she pleaded with the judge to give Oliver a chance to survive.

Viewers know Oliver is suffering from life-limiting mitochondrial disease and will never recover.

He has been placed under sedation in hospital to control his seizures for months, and the hospital doctors have advised that he should be allowed to die.

However his parents Steve and Leanne have fought bitterly against the decision and have taken the doctors to court.

In tonight’s episode the court hearing took place and Leanne was forced to beg for her son’s life.

She said to the judge: “Don’t stop, please. Have you got kids, you’ll know what I’m going through.

“Could you do this? Could you sit here and say your dying kid isn’t worth saving? Everyone needs to listen to this. 

“That little boy in that hospital bed is my son, he’s not some statistic. He’s my son, the little boy that I gave birth to and who I have loved since the minute he was born. 

“You think it’s not going to happen to you, and then it does. It could happen to any one of you. 

“And when it does happen all that you want is for people to listen to you and to care and to do the best to save him because there’s nothing you can do.”

It was too much for viewers who broke down crying.

One wrote: "Leanne is just phenomenal #Corrie"

A second said: "Such an emotional and outstanding performance by @RealJaneDanson tonight Clapping hands sign #corrie @itvcorrie"

Another added: "Finding it increasingly more difficult to watch the #amazing #JaneDanson on #Corrie at the moment #gutwrenchingly #sad"

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