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Clickbait Netflix cast: Who is in the cast?

Clickbait: Adrian Grenier stars in Netflix trailer

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Clickbait makes its debut on Netflix on August 25 and the series follows a husband and father who mysteriously disappears. His family then spot him in a horrific online video, supposedly making him the target of a heinous cybercrime. has all you need to know about who is in the cast of the nailbiting series.

Who is in the cast of Clickbait?

Nick Brewer- Adrian Grenier

Nick is a husband and father who works as a sports coach and physical therapist at his childrens’ high school.

He comes across as the ultimate family man, who loves his wife and sons more than anything.

But after he goes missing, his family start to discover a darker side to him they had no idea existed.

Nick is played by Adrian Grenier, a 45-year-old American actor and musician known for his roles in Entourage and The Devil Wears Prada.

He shared a poster for the series on Instagram, saying: “This is a fun one. Who done it? I bet you won’t be able to figure it out. It twists and turns like the best a thriller has to offer.”

Sophie Brewer – Betty Gabriel

Sophie is Nick’s wife in the series and she is the mother of their two sons, Kai and Ethan.

She comes across as an outsider in Nick’s family as she is yet to gain the approval of Nick’s sister, Pia.

Sophie and Pia must learn to settle their differences as they work together to find out what happened to Nick.

She is played by Betty Gabriel, a 40-year-old actress and musical theatre star known for her role in the horror film Get Out.

She has also starred in Defending Jacob and Unfriended: Dark Web.

Pia Brewer – Zoe Kazan

Pia is Nick’s feisty sister and she has a turbulent relationship with her brother.

They are both bound together by a traumatic past and spend their lives going through highs and lows.

One minute, they are at each other’s throats and the next, they act as each other’s rock.

Pia is played by Zoe Kazan, a 37-year-old actress and screenwriter best known for her roles in Olive Kitteridge and The Plot Against America.

Roshan Amir – Phoenix Raei

Roshan is the detective in charge of finding out what happened to Nick in the series.

He and Pia start to form a special bond as he becomes emotionally invested in the complicated case.

Roshan has a tough time at work as he struggles to get recognition from his peers.

He is played by Phoenix Raei, an Australian actor and writer known for his roles in The Heights and Stateless.

He shared a teaser for Clickbait on Instagram, saying: “I can guarantee you’re not gonna guess who did it! Clickbait launches August 25, only on Netflix.”

Emma Beesley – Jessie Collins

Emma Beesley is introduced part-way through the series as Nick’s family start to unravel what happened to him.

She plays a somewhat pivotal role in how he came to end up in the online video.

Emma is played by Jessie Collins, a 38-year-old actress known for her roles in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and The Nine.

She also played Maggie Young for 13 episodes in the series Rubicon.

Matt Aldin – Ian Meadows

Matt Aldin is a colleague of Nick’s and he becomes a friend of the family.

He is shocked to hear about the video and attempts to help his wife Sophie overcome what happened.

Matt is played by Ian Meadows, an Australian actor and writer known for his role as Rocco Cooper in Home and Away.

He has also written episodes for Spirited, The Moodys and Playing for Keeps.

Kai Brewer – Jaylin Fletcher

Kai is Nick’s youngest son in the series and he is under the close protection of his mother.

He becomes Sophie’s number one priority, along with his brother Ethan, as she fears their family could be in danger.

Troubled schoolboy Kai is played by Jaylin Fletcher, who has previously starred in Law & Order: Organized Crime and Snowpiercer.

Ethan Brewer – Camaron Engels

Ethan is Kai’s older brother and he tends to be the more level-headed of the two characters.

However, he suffers just as much when he finds out what happened to his father, and what he had been hiding.

Ethan is played by Cameron Engels, who has previously starred in Malibu Rescue, Black-ish and R#J.

The eight-episode series will leave viewers scratching their heads as they figure out what happened to Nick Brewer.

In the trailer, Sophie is seen directly addressing the person who made the terrifying video.

In the video, Nick is seen holding up a sign saying he would die if it reached five million views.

Journalists are seen hounding the Brewer family as his disappearance becomes the talk of the town.

Clickbait airs on Netflix on August 25.

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