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Chloe Ferry slammed for saying she's 'at her happiest' on Dubai beach as UK goes into full lockdown

CHLOE Ferry has infuriated her followers by declaring she's at her "happiest" as she frolicked on a Dubai beach.

It comes as the UK was slammed into full lockdown with a range of tough restrictions on when you can leave your front door.

Anger has been growing on social media over celebrities who have been coming and going from Dubai – one of few holiday spots where Brits don't have to quarantine when they return.

One tweeted today: "Really is a kick in the teeth when we’re all stuck in the UK unable to go out or do anything and you’ve got all these celebs loving life in Dubai ‘working’."

Chloe, 25, flashed her famous bum on the country's golden sands, telling followers: "Happiest when im on the beach 🏝."

She explained last week that she would be staying in the sun-drenched emirate for two months -by which time the UK lockdown may be over.

The star said: "I was supposed to be leaving in two days but I've decided I'm staying here for two months. I'm not leaving."

One of her fans fumed: "Honestly how are celebs allowed to travel to different countries when Covid is about.

"No wonder why it’s spreading even more!!! Not hating just saying!"

Another wrote: 'Seems like half of Instagram are ‘working’ in Dubai?? Is there no Covid out there? Doesn’t seem to be any restrictions at all?"

A third said: "Bang out of order… Shouldn't be allowed to travel at all… The average person in the UK has to stay at home and stick to rules, not seeing friends or family… Struggling!!"

However, others defended the star saying: "Dont know why people have to be mean she living her life let her be."

Chloe left the UK after Christmas and has been enjoying a break with lookalike pal Bethan Kershaw, hitting bars and relaxing on the beach in skimpy outfits.

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