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Chloe Ferry looks like a 'plastic doll' in Dubai in photoshopped picture that angers fans

FANS have claimed Chloe Ferry looks like a 'Bratz doll' as they accused her of photoshopping her latest Instagram post.

The 25-year-old is calling Dubai 'home' for the next couple of months with BFFs Sophie Kasaei and Bethan Kershaw.

Many Brits have been left raging with the reality star, who travelled to the Emirate before restrictions were put in place, as she continues to show-off her holiday antics on social media amid the UK's third lockdown.

In light of the fury, Chloe has been blasted by some of her 3.5million follower, who accused her of photoshopping her latest picture and branded her a "doll".

One follower penned: "she looks like a bratz doll, nothing in proportion 😮" [sic].

"Biggest photoshop fail of all your heads massive 😂 embarrassing," another commented.

A social media user also wrote: "Wtf haha this has to be photoshop …. right ?" [sic].

"Why do you need too airbrush all your photo's?" another posted. "You look so unrealistic in this photo x" [sic].

A follower added: ""Looks like shes used snapchat to cut her head out another photo and stuck it on this one, hahaa🤣😭" [sic].

Last week, the reality TV star was accused of another photoshop fail as she shared a selfie with her lookalike pals on holiday in Dubai.

The Geordie Shore star stunned in a daring cutaway mini dress as she posed in an elevator with friends Sophie Kasaei and Bethan Kershaw.

Captioning the skin-flaunting shot, the 25-year-old penned: "Keep your circle small".

Despite wowing some fans with the sizzling selfie, many eagle-eyed fans accused the TV star of yet again photoshopping her pictures, pointing out that her friend Sophia's arm next to her waist was warped.

One follower penned under the picture: "ur friends arm" [sic]. To which another replied: "dude the warp".

"Your bad photoshopping skills have caused your friend's arm to look disfigured," another commented.

Aside from photoshop claims, her fans also said that Chloe and her pals all look the same.

"I actually don't know who is who anymore," one posted. "They all have the same face".

A third shared. "I love Chloe…. but they all look like show-room dummies exactly the same… such a shame be individual ladies xxx".

"Bro which one are you?" another asked. "You all literally look the same".

In December, the Celebs Go Dating star was also accused of photoshopping as she showed off her tiny figure in black lingerie for a shot in her bathroom.

She captioned the pic: "Turns out I was on the good list".

But fans accused the star of photoshopping the picture, pointing out that the line on a tile by her arm appears to be morphed.

One person said: "Be carefull with the photoshop. Such a shobizz person u should know doing it better [sic.]"

Another added: "That tile line is looking a bit wavy. you should just go easy on the editing… you'll look good regardless".

Last month, the Geordie Shore star posed in the Celebs Go Dating house – and fans pointed out the stairs were morphed.

They also asked her not to edit her photos as she is beautiful without it.

In September she posted a sexy pic of her in leather leggings and a white bodysuit while celebrating her birthday in Marbella, but something was amiss.

Chloe stood with her hands on her hips, but the wall and door behind her seemed to be wonky.

Curved lines and sharp angles that are usually tell-tale signs a slimming tool has been used.

The fact the lines of the door and wall were not straight suggested Chloe may have used a photoshopping app to make her arms or hips seem smaller.

Her social media followers pointed out in June several inaccuracies in a racy lingerie post, which feature curved lines and sharp angles that are usually tell-tale signs a slimming tool has been used.

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