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Charlotte Hawkins sends GMB fans wild as she twerks on air to ‘cheer people up’

Good Morning Britain host Charlotte Hawkins certainly woke up the nation with her twerking on today's show.

The 45-year-old, showcased some chopping manoeuvre before giving it some excessive hip action as the GMB theme tune sounded in the background.

Her performance was certainly enjoyed by all in the studio, especially host Piers Morgan who applauded while urging for Charlotte to dance at "every break".

As Charlotte took centre stage to showcase her dancing skills she was given some words of encouragement by her co-stars.

Piers chimed: "Go on go full throttle now. Eyes and teeth."

It's safe to say the blonde TV star took his advice as she really went for it live on TV.

A shocked Susanna even exclaimed: "And a twerk at the end."

Before a Piers, who was hot under the collar, interjected: "Work it baby work it."

The Life Story star was so impressed with the racy performance that he requested for Charlotte's gyrating to become a permanent fixture on the show.

He chimed: "I think we should have Hawkins dancing at in and out of every break of this show, that'll liven things up.

"That has got everybody going."

It's unlike Piers to be full of lot of praise when it comes to any of his peers and it didn't last long either.

Not wanting to be upstaged by Charlotte, he took aim at her moves: "Bit better than Gaysford in his Last of The Summer Wine cat fiasco," he quipped.

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