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Celebs Are Bored: Andrew Scott From 'Fleabag' Gives Reassuring Poetry Reading

As much of America continues to self-quarantine, the propensity to go stir-crazy increases with each passing day. Celebrities are no different: bored out of their minds while sitting at home indefinitely. Maybe they are ceaselessly launching Instagram Lives just for some human connection. Maybe they’re teasing us with some quarantine writing session. Most likely, they’re sitting in their very large homes, marathoning movies until their eyes glaze over. Relatable! Celebs Are Bored highlights the absurd, inane, and mundane decisions made by people who have an unexpectedly large amount of free time.

Need something comforting to watch in the midst of this global pandemic? How about Andrew Scott, a.k.a. the “Hot Priest” from Fleabag, reading from “Everything Is Going to Be All Right” by Irish poet Derek Mahon? It’s not a hug — or a steamy scene with Phoebe Waller-Bridge — but it will do.

“How should I not be glad to contemplate/the clouds clearing beyond the dormer window/and a high tide reflected on the ceiling?” Scott says calmly.

Scott read from the poem for Game of Thrones actor Emilia Clarke, who recently launched a series of celebrity poetry readings on Instagram for charity. Other participants of Clarke’s series have included Stephen Fry, Helena Bonham Carter and Idris Elba. In the description for Scott’s video, Clarke wrote that Scott had chosen to dedicate his reading to Men Against Cancer Ireland.

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