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Carol Kirkwoods appearance mocked by BBC Breakfast co-star Like a satellite dish

Charlie Stayt calls Carol Kirkwood's Ascot hat a 'satellite dish'

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As she appeared via video link from Royal Ascot on Thursday’s BBC Breakfast, Carol Kirkwood left Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty stunned by her glamorous outfit. The meteorologist donned a pink floral dress which she had paired with a white hat. Naga was quick to compliment her co-star on her hat, however, Charlie didn’t seem as impressed and poked fun at the accessory.

As Carol’s weather segment came to a close, Naga asked: “Listen, are you going to treat us to a fabulous hat every time we see you… different hats because that one’s gorgeous.”

“Not every time, Naga,” Carol replied. “But I have got a few, thank you.”

“Are you building up to the favourite?” the host continued as Carol answered: “Yes!”

However, Charlie couldn’t resist mocking her co-star’s appearance as he joked: “I think this one is Carol… I am thinking this one is like a satellite dish. Is that the look you’re going for?”

Luckily the meteorologist saw the funny side as she laughed at Charlie’s remark.

“I wanted to beam back to Salford,” she explained. “The pictures from here Charlie so I thought I wouldn’t take any chances.

“You never know what the reception is going to be like.”

“It’s true,” he agreed. “It changes all the time and that’s what it looks like now.”

Despite Charlie’s joke, when Carol appeared again to give the weather forecast she was donning a different hat.

“Time now, it’s 7.15am and Carol is at Ascot for us,” Naga said as the camera panned to the presenter who was wearing a black hat.

“Ah, here’s another fabulous hat, Carol,” Naga praised before adding: “I think I prefer this one.

“I think it might get a better signal for us when you’re giving us the forecast.”

“It could also be used as a spear Naga,” Carol laughed. “But that’s another story.”

On Wednesday’s BBC Breakfast, Carol sparked concern when she presented the weather from St James’s Park.

The presenter, who explained in her report the pollen count in the UK was high, was also suffering from hayfever herself.

This led Jon Kay to share his concern for his co-star and he asked if she was okay.

Jon’s comment came after Sally Nugent told Carol she would love to join her at St James’s Park.

“Come and join me, I would love that,” Carol joked.

“How’s the hayfever, Carol? I’m worried about your hayfever,” a concerned Jon asked.

“My nose is running like a tap I can tell you that for nothing,” Carol laughed as she gave an update on her allergies.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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