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Carol Kirkwood tells Dan Walker go back on holiday before he jibes her on Strictly stint

Carol Kirkwood jokes Dan Walker should ‘have another holiday’

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Dan Walker has enjoyed a short break from BBC Breakfast after he hosted the coverage of the Tokyo Olympics alongside Sam Quek earlier in the month. As he returned to the show on Monday morning, meteorologist Carol Kirkwood couldn’t help but tease the presenter telling him to take more time off. Getting his own back on the weather presenter, Dan joked about her time on Strictly Come Dancing.

Sally began: “The time is 6.26am exactly,” as Dan continued: “Shall we get some weather?”

“With Carol?” Sally asked as the hosts turned towards the screen behind them where the meteorologist popped up.

Carol laughed: “Now do you have a choice you two?”

“Not really but we thought we’d play it as if we had a choice,” Dan explained. “We’ve got nothing else to go to Carol so we need you.”

Carol laughed: “That’s a real compliment, thanks Dan. Shouldn’t you be on holiday again?”

“I’ve had a month off,” the Strictly Come Dancing star hit back, as the meteorologist suggested: “Have another one.”

Later in the show, Dan jibed with Carol over her appearance on the BBC dancing series as he spoke about his first day preparing for Strictly.

“My good friend Carol had a marvellous, marvellous time,” Sally told her co-host. “Morning Carol, any words of advice for our Dan?”

Carol replied: “Don’t do anything that I did Dan, do the complete opposite.”

“Interesting you say that Carol, that’s what they told me as well,” Dan jibed.

As the presenters all began laughing, the weather presenter hit back: “Oh you cheeky thing. I can’t wait to see you Dan, it’s going to be hilarious.”

“Thanks for the support Carol,” Dan told the host before they moved swiftly onto the latest weather forecast.

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