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Callum grieves Chris' devastating death in EastEnders tonight

Callum Highway (Tony Clay) is facing an arduous day today – and he is unable to share it with his wife-to-be Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) as it taps into the real self that he is trying to avoid ahead of his wedding. 

The much loved EastEnders character discovered that his friend from the army, Chris, had been killed in a car crash when his sister tracked him down and delivered the heartbreaking news. Callum tried to hide his emotion but Vicky has already worked out that Callum was the colleague that Chris had fallen for in the army.

She pointedly told Callum that it would mean a lot if the person Chris clearly loved so much attended his memorial but Callum initially denied all knowledge – before catching up with Vicky and beng much more open.

Whitney clocked them hugging and it’s clear that her suspicions were elsewhere. Tonight, Callum lies to her about where he is going and he attends the memorial to pay his respects to Chris.

It’s heavy with emotion for a broken Callum as it becomes more and more evident that he shared Chris’ feelings and his conflict over his sexuality has been long standing. It only recently came to the fore again when Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) taunted him about what he got up to in the army – and this led to the pair having a sexual encounter as Callum let his guard down.

Since then, he has tried to focus on the wedding but attending the memorial acts as a major wake up call – especially when Vicky has another bombshell for him.

However, when he gets home, Whitney accuses him of having an affair with Vicky. She is far from the truth but Callum knows that he is keeping a lot from Whitney and lying both to her and himself.

After saying goodbye to Chris, will he finally open up about who he really is?

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