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'Breaking Bad': How Many Times Does Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman Say 'Bitch'?

Everybody remembers Aaron Paul, the Breaking Bad star who rose to fame beside Bryan Cranston. He played Jesse Pinkman, one of the greatest characters in one of the greatest TV shows ever.

Pinkman is Walter White’s former student who eventually ends up being his sidekick in cooking the best meth in town. In Breaking Bad, Pinkman gets paid to sell crystal meth and makes bank. In real life, he gets paid to act and say “bitch” while performing. He still makes bank.

How is Aaron Paul holding up since ‘Breaking Bad’

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The meth-cooking, bitch-saying actor just turned forty at the turn of the decade. He is now happily married to Lauren Persekian and they have a beautiful daughter named Story. Paul’s family lives in Hollywood and Idaho, they have two homes. 

Paul reprised his Jesse Pinkman role in the Netflix Breaking Bad movie El Camino. He also opened up about how he’s been typecasted for roles.

The number of times I’ve since Breaking Bad having been offered a role as a sympathetic drug addict really doesn’t make any sense, “says Paul talking to it NRC. “I no longer need such roles. I’m done with that.”

He added: “I want to continue to challenge and surprise myself and the audience.”

Did Aaron Paul say the word growing up?

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Paul was raised in Idaho with a strict Christian upbringing. Many think that the way he says it effortlessly suggests he must have developed the habit of saying “bitch” while still young. That’s until the fans realize that Paul’s father was a Baptist minister.

In an interview with The Guardian, Paul even says he was taught to quote scripture. When asked what it was like growing up in a religious household, Paul revealed: “Very intense. My father had me quote scripture. I still have multiple scriptures in my head.”

Does Aaron Paul say “bitch” in ‘El Camino’?

Paul’s character became popular in Breaking Bad, but he says “Bitch” in other productions too. In El Camino, the overly anticipated Breaking Bad movie, Pinkman says “bitch” only once.

In an interview with Conan O’Brien, he says that he read the script and realized there’s no mention of “bitch.” “I think maybe third or fourth time I read [the script for El Camino] I was like, ‘Wait, there’s no… there’s no ‘bitch’ in here!’” said Paul. 

In fact, that moment was improvised. In Breaking Bad, all mentions of the word were scripted. Paul added: “I never improvised a ‘bitch’ before. Every ‘bitch’ you saw, it was a scripted ‘bitch.’” 

Is it the most famous catchphrase he coins?

When it comes to catchphrases, “Bitch” doesn’t even come close. It may be the most popular, most memorable phrase, but “Bitch” still lags behind ones like “Yo,” which Pinkman says almost one thousand times. Even Mr. White Jr catches up with the phrase, and it makes his mother Skyler furious.

One calculation says Jesse Pinkman says the word 54 times, reports Mental Floss. Considering there are 62 episodes, that’s not too many instances.

One of the most beloved “Bitch” moments by Pinkman is after their magnet experiment that was to destroy evidence from the DEA worked. Another notable moment is when Paul’s character is in a wheelchair outside the Albuquerque hospital. The “Bitch” here is the hospital attendant who tells Jesse he can’t smoke close to the hospital.

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