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Brace yourselves for graphic Sally and Tim sex chat tonight in Corrie

Carrot penis chat might be the least of our worries when Sally and Tim Metcalfe get talking absolute filth in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street as Sally is on a mission-ary to get Tim back in tip top shape.

Sally is determined to make her hubby healthier – hence the sudden appearance of the phallic vegetable which showed up when she attempted to prep him a nutritious meal – but Sally knows it’s not just diet that will keep his ticker in order.

Gary might finally find himself in some work as the neighbours could be calling for some sound proofing judging by Sally’s plans.

The carrot may well have been a foreshadowing of what’s to come, pardon the expression, as Sally engages in a graphic chat with Tim tonight as she explains that to get him back to fitness they need to be doing a lot more horizontal dancing.

As Tim resorts to throwing away all of his favourite snacks in a bid to save his own life, Sally cheers him up that while he might have to ditch the sweet treats, he can have a piece of crumpet instead.

Utter Smut. And before the watershed too.

So the pair are set to embark on a stringent exercise routine that will involve three excessive cardio sessions a week and god help their poor lodger Abi. But can Tim rise to the challenge?

With Sophie set to leave as actress Brooke Vincent heads on maternity leave, could they be turning her bedroom into their own red room a la Christian Grey?

Coronation Street Lates is but a step away…

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