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Black Mirror Season 5 to Premiere in June on Netflix — Watch Eerie Trailer

Netflix’s annual delivery of existential dread will arrive in just three weeks: Black Mirror‘s fifth season is scheduled to drop on Wednesday, June 5, TVLine has learned.

Season 5 of the technology-centric thriller will include just three episodes, all of which are glimpsed in the newly released trailer above.

Though Netflix has not released synopses for these new installments, the promo teases appearances from Miley Cyrus (as an anxious-looking pop star who can rock pastel-colored hair); Topher Grace (That ’70s Show) as a mysterious, stoic character; and Anthony Mackie (Altered Carbon) and Nicole Beharie (Sleepy Hollow) as a couple seemingly working through infidelity issues.

There’s also footage of a man pushed to the verge of a breakdown by the constant sound of text messages being sent, as well as a teenage girl who owns an encouraging (then, later, very creepy) robotic doll.

Earlier this year, Black Mirror entered the choose-your-own-adventure space via Bandersnatch, an interactive episode of the show that allows viewers to make decisions for protagonist Stefan Butler. After its release, series creator Charlie Brooker hinted that another interactive installment might happen down the road — but not anytime soon.

“Like someone who has gone through the horror of childbirth and has forgotten about it in time to conceive again, I started thinking, ‘Oh, there’s an idea! You could do this, or you could do that,’” he told TVLine. “Whether it would be a Black Mirror project or whether it would be something else, what form it would be, I don’t know… The key is you need to find a good reason to be doing it like that.”

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