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BBC Strictly’s Ellie Leach: ‘I’ve lost so much weight – my body is changing daily’

Strictly Come Dancing star Ellie Leach has revealed her weight is plummeting thanks to her gruelling dance routine. The Coronation Street star, 22, and her dance partner Vito Coppola, 31 are spending every day except Sunday dancing from 9am until 6pm.

And when they’re not dancing, Vito is giving her exercises to improve her strength and posture.

“I’ve lost a lot of weight,” says Ellie. “You’re training so much. I still need to work on my fitness levels but even the dance we’re doing this week, I wouldn’t have been able to do three weeks ago.”

Before Strictly, Ellie wanted to get fit but was uninspired by working out. “I’ve never really been into physical activity or going to the gym and stuff like that,” she says. “But I’ve always loved watching people dance. So to be able to learn how to do it now, it’s amazing. My body and my mindset are changing so much each day. I don’t know how much weight I’ve lost but I can feel myself getting stronger, which I think is great.”

Ellie certainly looks incredible on the show and after spending all her time on Coronation Street dressed in either school uniform or one of Faye’s drab cardigans, she is enjoying being whirled through the BBC’s glitziest dressing-up box.

“The costumes and the hair and make-up are my favourite part about Strictly and always have been,
even when I watched it when I was younger,” says Ellie. “The fact that I get to try all these different make-up looks and the costumes, it makes you feel 10 times better. When you put the costume on, everything changes and it all really comes together.”

Vito’s exuberant hugs and kisses at the end of dances have led fans to speculate the couple are already an item, and Amanda Abbington caused a stir when she referred to Ellie and Vito as a “beautiful couple” on Instagram. Repeatedly, Ellie has written “love you” about Vito on her social media and their messages are littered with red heart emojis. However, Ellie insists their triumphant kisses are just a sign of their deep friendship. “It was only a kiss on the cheek,” she says, blushing. “He gives me a kiss on the cheek every Saturday!” Protesting, she adds, “It was definitely on the cheek.”

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