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Bargain Hunts Eric stunned as team make history but are penalised for breaking show rules

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As usual two teams, blue and red, were welcomed onto Bargain Hunt by Eric Knowles as they went head to head to find the best items to take to auction in the hopes of making a big profit. Unfortunately, for the first time in the show’s history, one team failed to fulfil the brief as they only bought two items and faced a penalty for breaking the rules. Fortunately, it wasn’t all bad news for the team as expert Charles Hanson offered a lifeline with his bonus buy.

Ahead of the auction, Eric welcomed the red team back: “Geraldine and Washington, how are we?”

The pair said they were nervous and excited with Eric adding they “needed positive energy”.

Eric went on to reveal he’d been left astounded by the pair’s actions as they didn’t fulfil the Bargain Hunt brief.

“I’ve got to say you have made Bargain Hunt history by virtue of you only managing to buy two items,” Eric explained.

“And the fact you were unable to buy your big spend and your big challenge means that you get penalised, I’m sorry to say.

“The ruling is that, because you didn’t do the £75 spend, you start with minus £75.”

Antiques expert Charles chipped in: “We’ve got the hope. The only way is up!”

Moving swiftly on to see how their items would do at auction, the tennis rackets bought for £9 were up first.

Unfortunately for Geraldine and Washington, they made a measly profit of £1 at auction.

The second, and final item, up for auction was a rare Doulton jug, which was bought for £5 as it was in a state of disrepair.

Again, they failed to make a large profit but as it sold for £25, they were now only at minus £54.

Offering the pair a lifeline, they were given the chance to sell Charles’ bonus buy, an Art Deco clock bought for £200.

Washington was persuaded as Charles explained: “When you want to buy something Art Deco, it’s always in demand.

“When you want to buy something which is silver and enamel, that’s very much in demand as well today.

“People love silver and enamel, put the two together, a gorgeous Art Deco timepiece. Do you like it?”

“It’s a nice decorative piece,” Washington commented and Geraldine agreed so it went to auction.

Thankfully it made a staggering profit and the red team ended with an overall profit of £130 after the clock sold for £380.

Those tuning into the episode are divided over whether or not the red team should have been given the option of the bonus buy.

Jo posted on Twitter: “Wasn’t worth the hype, an annoying red team who were gifted a win by @HansonsAuctions – but they shouldn’t have been allowed a bonus but if they hadn’t bought three items!”

Dawn Evans claimed: “Shouldn’t have been allowed to compete with only a £75 forfeit. Others can just do that now, but like the red team, still win! Should have been disqualified in my opinion.”

However Peter Salisbury tweeted: “Brilliant! This has got be the best episode ever! What larks!”

Bargain Hunt airs weekdays on BBC One at 12.15pm

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