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'Bachelorette' Fans Think This Truly Wild Video Of Tyler Cameron Is Both 'SO UNCOMFORTABLE' And 'So Cute'

Bachelorette runner-up Tyler Cameron is starring in a short titled “Fantasy Weekend” for Paper.

“Tyler Cameron Role-plays as Your Boyfriend” reads the video’s description on YouTube.

The next several minutes take the viewer on a “fantasy weekend” with Cameron. The video begins with the model rolling over in bed to greet the person behind the camera (you, dear viewer). He says, “Good morning. You look so beautiful,” and asks what kind of milk you take with your coffee.

The rest of “your weekend” includes a tour of Cameron’s greenhouse (“Before you came I trimmed everything. I wanted everything to be perfect for you.”), many toasts in front of a “cozy” fire (“Cheers to women, cheers to us, cheers to us alone this weekend…”), and an episode of Fleabag in bed.

What Bachelor Nation thinks of Tyler Cameron’s ‘Fantasy Weekend’ video

The short clearly has Bachelorette fans feeling a certain type of way.

Some fans thought the video to be a little cringey.

“i’m so uncomfy who made this man do this,” commented one fan on YouTube.

“LOVED him on the bachelorette but this made me feel SO UNCOMFORTABLE 🥴😂 who made him do this,” commented another.

“He’s gorgeous but they make him annoying in this video lol. Being nice doesn’t not mean always cheesy lol,” wrote another.

Other fans are very on board with Tyler Cameron’s Fantasy Weekend.

“hahahha I liked this more than I’m willing to admit😂” one fan wrote honestly.

“Have you ever blushed at a computer screen before 😍” commented another.

“So cute. It was impossible to stop smiling while watching. Mwah!” wrote another.

“GOOD MORNING, INDEED,” wrote another enthusiastic fan.

And some fans are in the middle. They think the video’s a little weird but Cameron’s too hot for them to care.

“some of his lines were kind of cheesy, like when he sniffed and was like that’s the smell of romance in the air. BUT HE’S SO HOTTTTTTT. AND HE GOT A LITTLE FRISKYYYYYY AT THE END,” wrote another fan.

Tyler Cameron’s interview with Paper

Cameron was also interviewed by Paper. He spoke about his typical hot interview topics: Not having sex with Hannah Brown during Fantasy Suites when she told him she didn’t want to, men holding each other accountable, the charities he’s involved with (shoutout to ABC Food Tours), and his plans for the future.

In past interviews, Cameron has said that he was concentrating on modeling. Now, it seems he’s also thinking ahead. He wants to end up doing construction back in Florida someday.

“Everything I’m doing right now has a shelf life to it,” he told the publication. “And one day all this will be a great memory and a great experience, but down the road when I’m 60 years old I still want to have that construction company churning and burning. That’s my long-term goal. It’s important for me to get going now and build a foundation of that business.”

Meantime, it looks like Bachelor Nation wouldn’t mind if he made a few more Fantasy Weekend-style videos.

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