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Amber Gill hints Love Island’s Brad McClelland DIDN'T go two years without sex in now-deleted late night tweet

FORMER Love Island winner Amber Gill has hinted that hunky singleton Brad McClelland didn’t go two years without sex.

In a now deleted tweet, Amber claimed the labourer from Northumberland had in fact been chatting to one of her friends – suggesting he hasn’t been completely out of action.

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She tweeted: “Brad was speaking to one of my friends at some point. But let’s keep that between me you. Love u bye.”

The star then added: “Was a little while ago. I’m not rating anyone out, I just thought it was fun fact.”

The star later had a change of heart and deleted the message -but not before it was seen by her eagle-eyed followers.

Brad opened up about his lack of sex life in his intro video, insiting he wasn’t a “top shagger”.

He said: “Last time I had sex … was the end of 2019.”

The singleton also lives with his gran, 75, so admits he might not get as much action he could.

But he says she won’t mind if he has sex on TV, explaining: "She would be fine with it. She's quite down to earth – she knows it happens. She's not surprised by something like that.”

His gran, Joyce, who has raised him since he was four, isn’t keen on him coupling up with Shannon Singh though. 

She told the Mioror: "She says she wants sex eight times a day. I hope he doesn’t end up with her or that back bedroom will be ruined,” she hilariously told The Mirror. 

“I’d need the telly on full blast all day!” 

Meanwhile, Brad proved a huge hit both on and off screen during the first episode of the show last night.

Three of the girls stood forward for him and he ended up coupling up with Faye Winter. 

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