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Alan Sugar in bizarre feud with Martin Lewis as he claims he wants to ‘punch him in the face’

GOOD Morning Britain star Martin Lewis has found himself in a bizarre feud with Apprentice supremo Lord Alan Sugar.

The 74-year-old sparked shock and outrage amongst fans as he admitted he wanted to punch the money saving expert in the face for no reason.

Sharing a recent story about Martin on Twitter, Alan wrote: "I often discuss with my wife about people faces you would like to punch for no real reason. 

“I know it’s not fair, they may be perfectly nice people. She has her list of faces. 

“Martin Lewis is one of mine. He is most probably a nice guy. I am sure some people think the same about me.”

He added:  " Michael Gove is another face I would like to punch. Never met him thought (sic)." 

Martin – who is hosting GMB this week – was surprised to see the message and hit out at Alan, asking him to delete it.

He wrote: "I don't understand the point of this tweet or of copying me in. If you're trying to start an argument I'm not biting. It's unnecessary, and if I may suggest would be best for all if you deleted."

Alan is known for being outspoken and has feudded with Piers Morgan in the past.

Martin, meanwhile has ruled out taken over Pier’s role on GMB full time. 

The 49-year-old made his debut alongside Susanna Reid this week as part of an ever-changing roster of male stars replacing Piers since he quit in March.

It was his first time in the hot seat after 15 years as the programme's resident money expert.

And while he received mixed reviews from fans, the TV consumer champion has no plans to switch jobs. 

Replying to a fan on Twitter who asked if he would take it full-time, he said: “No. My role is saving people money.

“I'm very flattered to have been asked to guest present. I enjoyed it today. 

“And if the week goes well Id be happy to do holiday cover and pop back a few times a year, yet my normal mission takes priority, so wouldnt/can't do it full time. :).”

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