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1000-lb Best Friends backlash as Meghan branded ‘horrible friend’

10000-lb Best Friends: Dramatic teaser for episode of TLC show

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The hit TLC reality show follows four obese friends as they work towards a healthier lifestyle. While Vanessa Cross has smashed her weight loss goals over the past year, her friend Meghan Crumpler hasn’t had the same success, and 1000-lb Best Friends fans have been growing more and more frustrated with her behaviour over the past few weeks.

Viewers have called out Meghan’s poor attitude and behaviour in the latest episode of 1000-lb Best Friends.

In the third episode of season two this week, Vanessa received a visit from her sister Jackie after her recent weight loss success.

However, there was still tension between them and Vanessa was shocked to see Jackie feeding fast food to her son Jacob, who also struggles with his weight.

Meanwhile, Meghan was cooling off following a dramatic row with Dr Charles Procter last week.

Despite making plans for her wedding, fans felt Meghan was being a burden to her friend Tina Arnold while she and her fiancé Jon stayed with her family.

When a pipe burst in their house, Tina’s family were forced to stay in a hotel and viewers were shocked when Meghan decided to follow them.

“Meghan is a horrible friend,” Redditor u/ikilledlace posted after the latest episode.

“The fact that Meghan is staying in Tina’s basement, and now staying in the hotel with her and her family is ridiculous to me.”

“She’s a grown woman who has a fiancé. They need to get their own hotel room. Also, she doesn’t help out at all!

“Tina is literally taking care of her like she’s one of her children. She blames the doctor for being real with her about needing to lose weight and diet and exercise but she plays victim instead of taking accountability for her own actions.”

Several other fans were also left unimpressed with Meghan’s entitled behaviour this season.

u/BuzzkillBetty_222 wrote: “Meghan is lazy! Tina is giving her a place to live!”

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“She needs to help out! Not be a burden. Instead of saying, ‘Can I bring you a towel?’ she should have gotten up and CLEANED THE DAMN MESS!”

u/sokeef4 agreed: “Meghan almost makes the show unwatchable to me. She is so childish and unlikeable.”

u/hamimono 9 commented: “Meghan’s BS is amazing to behold. I watch with a sociological eye but could not be in proximity to any of it.

“I have become uniquely intolerant of narcissist diva tantrums or mooching or game-playing/manipulation in a relationship.”

“Meghan and Jon shouldn’t be in the hotel room with Tina,” u/monaeatsmochi said.

“Hearing her talking about how she has to figure out how to feed the eight of them on a budget in the last episode just made me mad, like don’t Meghan and Jon pitch in?”

However, Vanessa recently issued a defence of her friend, posting on Facebook: “First, Meghan doesn’t ‘mooch’ off of me. I do not owe an explanation, and I won’t go into all she does, because that’s our business.

“But believe me when I say that she is all in and we are a family (Not sister wives family).”

1000-lb Best Friends season 2 continues Wednesdays on TLC in the USA.

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