WWE star Seth Rollins shows off brutal back gashes after savage beating by Dominik Mysterio on Monday Night RAW

WWE star Seth Rollins has shown off the brutal kendo stick punishment he received from Dominik Mysterio on Monday Night RAW.

The Monday Night Messiah took to social media after the show and showed off the red welts that formed on his back as a result of the attack.

The 34-year-old drew the Dominik's ire after blinding his father Rey Mysterio during a sickening Eye for an Eye match at Extreme Rules.

Rollins had attempted to reason with the 23-year-old and offered him a spot as one of his followers alongside Murphy.

Dominik refused which led to a two-on-one attack from “The Greater Good”.

Aleister Black attempted to intervene to make the save but had his eye shoved into the steel steps like Rey by Murphy.

Dominik then returned with a kendo stick to avoid the same fate and caused Rollins and company to retreat.

But on Tuesday, Becky Lynch's fiance showed the extent of the vicious hits by tweeting a photo of his back with angry red gashes.

He wrote: “Randy at his best. Sasha-Asuka title fight. Drew/Zigman pulling out all the stops. Lashley/Ali. Murphy with the W. #WWERaw with a helluva show.

“The only hiccup was that stubborn Mysterio kid.”

One fan replied: "Justly deserved. You can't just keep popping people's eyeballs out of their sockets and breaking people's arms and not expect there to be some retaliation, my man. Not even for the "Greater Good"."

Another said: "Yeah, it’s not like you tried to rob his father of his eyesight or something…"

A third added: "Damn. are you ok? That looks so painful."

Meanwhile, WWE have released a statement to reveal that Rey Mysterio's eye appears to be on the mend.

It was previously reported that the the severity of the masked icon's latest injury was needed in order to write him off TV for the foreseeable future.

The future Hall of Famer had been working his storyline with Rollins without a contract and is currently a free agent.

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