Who is Phil Mickelson’s wife Amy, when did Masters star get married and how many children do they have? – The Sun

AMY MICKELSON has been a constant companion and inspiration to husband Phil since the couple first met in 1992.

They first crossed paths at Arizona State University, where Phil was a college star.

Who is Amy Mickelson?

Amy Mickelson was born Amy McBride in 1972.

She met Phil in 1992 at Arizona State University yet was far from star struck when he told her he was a professional golfer.

In fact, she thought he meant that he worked at the golf course shop!

The couple went for their first date on a tennis court and the rest is history.

At the time, Phil was a senior and Amy was a junior as well as a cheerleader on the Phoenix Suns NBA cheerleading squad.

When did Phil and Amy tie the knot?

The couple married in November 1996.

In golf parlance, Mickelson had won just nine golfing titles – he is now on 44.

How many children do they have?

Three. Amanda was born a day after Phil came second at the 1999 US Open to Payne Stewart. Sophia was born in 2001, two years later and finally Evan arrived in 2003.

Due to complications at the birth, Amy ruptured an artery and Evan was not breathing for a while, but fortunately both pulled through.

Has Amy suffered any other medical complications since meeting Phil?

Yes, big time.

In 2009 Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer and Phil put a hold on his PGA Tour on hold to help care for her.

She returned to golf in 2010 at the Masters where her husband won his third Green Jacket.

After an 11-month battle, Amy beat cancer and has a clean bill of heath.

Because of this close shave, Amy has been heavily involved in fund-raising efforts for breast cancer research.


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