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GARETH SOUTHGATE will get another shot at securing international success THIS YEAR when he leads England to the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

However, prior to that, footballing fans from across the globe will get to see their clubs compete in what is set to be another thrilling season in the various leagues.

But the question that is on everybody's lips is who invented football and was it created in England or Scotland?

Who invented football and was it created in England or Scotland?

Early versions of football existed as far back as 2500 BC – with Ancient Greeks, Romans and Chinese all playing versions of the beautiful game.

Henry VIII even owned a pair of football boots – although the goals in his day could be as far as three MILES apart, and it was played with a pig's bladder.

The game modernised in public schools like Eton, with head teachers standardising pitch sizes and codifying the rules.

The Scots then went a step further in 1867, outlawing rugby-style tackles and introducing passing as we know it today.

It soon spread around the world, and went truly global when Fifa was formed in Paris in 1904.

The first World Cup was held in Uruguay in 1930.

What does 'Football's coming home' mean?

Football's coming home, or simply it's coming home, refers to the chorus of iconic England song Three Lions by rock band The Lightning Seeds and comedians David Baddiel and Frank Skinner.

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The legendary chorus originally referred to the fact that when the song was released, England was hosting its first major football tournament for thirty years.

However, since then the phrase has evolved to refer to football's most famous trophy, The World Cup, returning to England.

As tentative hope steadily built for Gareth Southgate's Young Lions, the phrase football's coming home has also now become a very popular internet meme.

But unfortunately England will have to wait a few more years for another chance to bring football home after they lost to Croatia in the semi-finals

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