Titleist Releases Futuristic CNCPT CP-04 Golf Irons

Those looking for a set of premium irons can look towards Titleist‘s latest set of CNCPT CP-04s. Made for the perfect balance between power and control, the CP-04 sees a less aggressive loft angle compared to its CP-03 and CP-02 counterparts, and are made with 100g of tungsten per club.

The golf irons also have a mid-size profile with the majority of the weight placed at the heel and toe to improve stability. Available from 4 – W, these futuristic irons will set you back $499 USD per iron, which for the whole set, translates to a hefty $4,000 USD. Head over to Titleist to configure one for your next game.

In other sporting news, the Denver Broncos fill its stadium with 1,800 South Park cutouts for social distancing.
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