Ronaldo 'has £50,000 cryotherapy ice chamber imported from Turin'

Cristiano Ronaldo ‘has £50,000 cryotherapy ice chamber imported from Turin’ as fitness-fanatic bids to keep in top condition following blistering return to Man United

  • Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly had his cryotherapy ice chamber imported 
  • The 36-year-old has used the £50,000 device since his Madrid days in 2013 
  • The ice chamber helps boost blood circulation, recovery and treats tissue
  • Ronaldo typically spends three minutes in the chamber at -160 degrees
  • The Portuguese wanted the chamber due to the demands of the Premier League 

Cristiano Ronaldo may have made a red-hot start to life back at Manchester United, but the Portuguese is keeping ice cool in his bid to stay in top shape.

The 36-year-old’s three goals in three top flight games saw him crowned September’s Premier League Player of the Month, in what has been a tremendous start to his second stint at Old Trafford.

Ronaldo is showing no signs of decline and his excellent conditioning off the pitch has played a huge role in his mind-boggling numbers season upon season.

Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly had his cryotherapy ice chamber imported from Italy

And according to The Sun, the Portuguese superstar has taken delivery of his £50,000 cryotherapy ice chamber from his old home in Turin, Italy to his rented mansion in Manchester.

The chamber is used to help rehabilitate and treat human tissue, and can reach temperatures as low as -200C. 

Following this, liquid nitrogen is pumped into the air encompassing the cylinder to cool down the forward’s body, but athletes can only spend a maximum of five minutes in the chamber or else risk serious health problems.

Ice chambers (such as the one pictured) help boost blood circulation, recovery and treats human tissue 

As reported by Sportsmail in August, Ronaldo typically spends just three minutes in the chamber at a temperature of -160C.

The treatment is understood to boost blood circulation and improves the immune system, as well as decreasing fatigue and helping injuries mend quicker. 

Ronaldo started using the equipment back in 2013 when he was at Real Madrid and The Sun adds that importing the chamber was one of his ‘number one priorities’ as the Portuguese is acutely aware of the physical demands of the Premier League. 

The 36-year-old follows a strict regime in order to keep himself in top physical condition

Another key to Ronaldo’s incredible physique is diet. The best cars need the right fuel and for Ronaldo that means six high-protein, high-grain, low-fat mini-meals a day, all recommended by a personal dietician who has been with him since his Real Madrid days.

‘Eat regularly,’ says the Portuguese ace. ‘It’s important to keep energy levels high.’

He favours cheese, ham and low-fat yoghurt for breakfast and particularly likes fish, plenty of fruit and veg, and it’s always fresh. 

He doesn’t drink alcohol, only water, and definitely no sugary drinks or snacks. 

Eight hours sleep a day? That’s so last year — he prefers five 90-minute naps, always on fresh sheets, to keep him fresh. He swears by Pilates, regular swims and five trips to the gym a week. 

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