Paige Spiranac teaches fans to ‘flop it like it’s hot’ in new video

Paige Spiranac is teaching her 2.8 million Instagram followers how to “flop it like it’s hot.”

In a video posted to her page Saturday, the golfer-turned-influencer gave fans a mini-lesson on how to execute a flop shot as part of her “Quickies with Paige” series.

“The most highly requested shot, the flop shot! This is my favorite shot to hit in golf and is actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it!” Spiranac captioned the post.

Described by Spiranac as a “high spinning shot they use around the green,” the 27-year-old then explained how the flop shot can be used “anywhere” by following a few steps, which she demonstrates throughout the two-and-a-half-minute clip.

Spiranac also cites confidence as the key to a successful flop shot.

“Have confidence through your shot. Flop shots can be a little scary to hit sometimes, especially off of a hardpan, so make sure that you practice, practice, practice,” she said. “That’s how you’re really going to improve your short game, especially with a flop shot.”

Spiranac, who demonstrated a cleavage-friendly trick back in April, received praise from fans for the step-by-step process.

“Can’t wait to go out there and flop it like it’s hot!” one follower wrote.

“My favorite shot in golf! You couldn’t have broken it down any better 🙌 Can’t wait to watch your next video,” another replied.

This wasn’t the only time Spiranac played teacher over the weekend. On Saturday, the “Playing A Round” podcast host also offered advice to a golfer on Twitter.

“If you’re going to break a club, slam it against the tree instead of over your leg. It’s more fun,” Spiranac responded.

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