NBA player sends special message to 94-year-old superfan

The NBA just got their newest fan. She's 94 years old and a student of the game. 

Lili Gu's grandmother spent her year in isolation studying basketball. 

She filled a notepad with handwritten notes about her favorite players. 

Danny Green of the Philadelphia 76ers made the cut. 

When Gu's Twitter post on her grandmother went viral, Green noticed. 

He sent her a signed jersey with a message saying: "Thank you for picking me. Here's to 95." 

You could see the sheer elation on her face as she opened the gift.

Immediately after opening, she gave a breakdown of his most recent game with how many points he scored and congratulated him on the win. 

Lili Gu's grandmother points to her list of favorite NBA players. (Photo: Courtesy Lili Gu)

Gu says she is happy this exchange between Green and her grandmother touched so many people. Her original post on Twitter has about half a million views.

She also used this opportunity to advocate for a nonprofit close to her own heart. Gu says if enough people donate, she’ll release the full list of her grandma’s picks.

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