Miami Dolphins fan charged £590 for TWO beers at NFL match after being scammed by vendor – The Sun

GETTING a drink at any sporting venue is a rip-off these days.

But spare a though for one Miami Dolphins fan – who was charged a staggering £590 for TWO beers.

The supporter was handed the drinks by a vendor at the Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday at the NFL clash with the Los Angeles Chargers – but was scammed.

According to the Miami Herald, the fan simply gave their credit card to the seller as normal.

The two beers should have cost around £15, still not exactly cheap.

But soon after making the transaction, a notification came through on their phone to alert of an abnormal purchase – for 40 times the price.

It is understood the roving beer vendor swiped the fan's card with a skimming device and not a device usually used at the venue.

Seller Nathan Collier, 33, was not working for the Hard Rock Stadium or the Dolphins at the weekend – but was instead employed by a Kentucky company called Rocket Man.

After Collier's name flagged up on the mobile notification, the fan reported him to the authorities.

He was arrested by police and was found with a Square credit card reader on him at the time.

Rocket Man immediately fired Collier from his job, which he had held for a year.

Online court records show Collier was booked into the Miami-Dade County jail Monday on charges of grand theft and possession of a skimming device.

Thankfully the fan received a full refund for the purchase – which means they actually got the two beers for free.

But it would hardly have helped drown their sorrows after the Dolphins' woeful start to the season.

They have been battered by the Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys and the LA Chargers, losing each of their first four games.

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