Kobe Bryant comparison sparked a full-on Kevin Durant panic

Kevin Durant limped, and NBA Twitter panicked.

The star forward’s non-contact injury immediately reminded TNT analyst Reggie Miller of Kobe Bryant’s torn ACL from 2013.

“He thought someone hit him in the Achilles, and you know what that usually means,” Miller said. “That’s what Kobe Bryant did. I am not saying he has that, but that’s exactly what Kobe did. There’s no one around him, but you think someone hit you in the back of the leg.”

Miller quickly and wisely couched his analysis, but the medical experts on Twitter already had made a full diagnosis from their living rooms. Durant’s Achilles was in shreds, the Warriors dynasty was over and free agency was just turned on its head.

In the 22 minutes it took from the injury to reports that Durant had in fact suffered a calf strain — cancel the amputation! — everyone thought the worst.

We’ll let Stephen A. Smith encapsulate the thoughts with one tweet.

The Warriors, thanks to Stephen Curry’s revival, held off the Rockets for a 104-99 win, though there are still ramifications for this postseason. Durant was scheduled for an MRI exam on Thursday, and coach Steve Kerr said Durant, who was averaging 45 minutes a game in the series, is “definitely” out for Game 6 on Friday night.

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