Jamal Murray Has A Great Deal Of Sauce

Jamal Murray in his zone has become appointment viewing. The appointment is at an ENT’s office, and the doctor’s trying to determine why steam is billowing out of your nose and the nose of Jamal Murray.

This is not what a healthy man does on his team’s very first possession of a professional basketball game, let alone Game 4 of the round’s most hotly contested series. The Denver Nuggets guard could really use a checkup.

During the second quarter of Tuesday’s Game 5 blowout of the Blazers, Murray reeled off absurd finish after absurd finish.

Murray scored 11 points in the frame and helped Denver build a 18-point lead going into the second half. Unconcerned by his nose’s increasing resemblance to a choo-choo train, Murray openly relished the burn of the hot sauce. Look at all that sauce.

Briefly in the third, he began to take on more sauce than he could handle, as he tried to half-assedly Rondo ball fake his way through two unamused defenders.

But then he adjusted to the spice level.

Murray finished the night with 18 points, five boards, and nine dimes, maintaining his status as one of the series’ top performers. I look forward to the future sauce exploits of Jamal Murray and remain concerned for his long-term welfare.

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