Horn-Tszyu officials get green light as furore ends in status quo

Jeff Horn's trainer Glenn Rushton says there are hard lessons to be learned from the judging furore in the lead-up to the fight against Tim Tszyu but the appointments will stand after a crisis meeting on Wednesday morning.

The lead-up turned ugly after the weigh-in on Tuesday when Rushton voiced concerns about a pair of judges, Chris Condon and Philip Holiday.

Jeff Horn and Tim Tszyu pose at Tuesday’s weigh-in ahead of the fight at Townsville’s Queensland Country Bank Stadium.Credit:Getty

"Also, if I was a judge on a fight, I certainly wouldn't have one of the fighters training in my gym. That's another lesson… you must remain distant from both competitors. Yes, we understand there is a relationship with the family.

"One of the reasons we didn't change officials this morning is because I was told we couldn't change one, we'd have to change two. I certainly don't want officials flying up here at the last minute, under pressure, and I didn't want to see headlines like 'Horn's officials fly in'.

"We've never been after any advantage, we just want a fair go. We want the best man to win on the night. But what was said had to be said."

Derek Milham, Queensland ring official chairman and president of the Australian National Boxing Federation, said the matter was concluded and he believed it was 'blown out of proportion' in the first place.

"Everything has been resolved. We had a meeting this morning, we spoke to all parties. The appointments will stand. There was an email this morning from the IBF and WBO and they were a bit concerned with what was going on. They are now quite happy as it is," Milham said.

"This has been blown out of proportion. Chris Condon was good mates with Johnny Lewis, he hasn't seen Kostya since the 90s and has no relationship with the family. At no time has Chris been present at the gym. There was a lot of innuendo and tactics."

That may be the case but it is hard to deny the optics were poor. All parties have now vowed to move forward but the appointments will come into sharp focus once more if the fight goes to the cards after 10 rounds.

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