Goateed Doofus Aubrey Huff Whines About Athletes Sharing Political Opinions, Shares Political Opinions

Aubrey Huff, former baseball player and current man who could not possibly be more “divorced but doing great,” seems to be making a post-career pivot into the “angrily recording political rants from unflattering angles” school of punditry. He’s previously raved on Twitter about how Trump is great and people protesting for human rights should get jobs, but now he’s moved on to a new medium. This week, in a turn of events that should shock absolutely no one, he joined the stick-to-sports chorus and announced that athletes should stop sharing political opinions.

In a video clip posted to his Twitter account, Huff tells his legions of fans clamoring for his thoughts that athletes should go to the White House “to experience the rich history of our nation.” This is presumably related to Alex Cora and several Red Sox players saying they would skip visiting Trump at the White House:

Huff attempts some fake crying at the end so it’s worth a watch, but if you don’t want to listen to an old bloated ham bitch about being triggered by “social justice warriors,” here’s what he said:

You know, I miss the days where athletes entertained us in the arena. You know, if I have to hear about one more team or organization that refuses to go to the White House I think I’m going to fucking puke. You know, I had the honor of going to the White House twice in my career, and at the time President Barack Obama was there and I wasn’t necessarily an Obama fan, I didn’t like his policies and as a matter of fact, I didn’t even vote for him. But I put my ego aside and went because why? It was an honor to go to the White House to experience the rich history of our nation. And today’s athletes, man, I’m so sick of them pretending to be so oppressed and being these social justice warriors. Please, for the love of God, athletes just entertain us. And gosh, I gotta tell you, ESPN, it goes double for you. Can you please just report sports? I beg you, pretty pretty please, I beg you.

This is all tracks when you consider it’s coming from the guy who thinks “man buns, skinny jeans, penny loafers, and hybrid kia’s” are the real problems in this country:


Anyhow, this is all the natural evolution of a guy who once truthered fossils and thinks dragons are real, but that doesn’t make it any less insane. It won’t be long before he’s ranting about sovereign citizenry in the driver’s seat of his pickup truck while recording himself with a phone propped up on the dashboard.

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