Eddie Hearn declines to answer questions in 90-second press conference

Eddie Hearn declines to answer questions in press conference that lasted just 90 SECONDS after cancelling Chris Eubank Jr against Conor Benn megafight

  • Eddie Hearn addressed the media at a press conference on Thursday afternoon
  • The promoter spoke after Chris Eubank Jr’s fight with Conor Benn was cancelled
  • However, Hearn’s press conference in front of the media lasted just 90 seconds 
  • He also refused to answer any questions from reporters following the briefing 

Eddie Hearn has spoken for the first time since Chris Eubank Jr’s fight with Conor Benn was officially called off on Thursday, but declined to anwer any questions from the media.

This weekend’s highly anticipated clash between the pair was plunged into doubt on Wednesday, after Sportsmail broke the bombshell news that Benn had tested positive for banned substance clomifene.

Co-promoters Hearn and Kalle Sauerland – as well as both Eubank Jr and Benn – on Wednesday insisted they still planned for the fight to go ahead, which sources reiterated to Sportsmail on Thursday morning. 

However on Thursday afternoon, confirmation came through that the fight was officially off.

And Hearn addressed the media at a press conference on Thursday afternoon that lasted just 90 seconds, expressing his regret at the fight being called off.

‘It’s been a very difficult day, 24 hours, 48 hours,’ he told reporters. ‘We were looking forward to an event that has really captured the imagination of the British public and a fight that had so much history. 

‘Myself and Kalle (Sauerland) and the rest of boxing were so excited for it but we have come here to announce Chris Eubank Jr vs Conor Benn has been formally postponed. 

‘I want to make it clear that Conor Benn is not suspended by the BBBC and we do feel that he hasn’t been given due process like many others in this situation before him.

‘I also want to clear up so many different reports from journalists and outlets that we’ve seen today about us being in the High Court this afternoon and considering other commissions – this is just not true!

Eddie Hearn declined to answer any questions in a press conference that lasted 90 seconds

Chris Eubank Jr’s fight with Conor Benn was officially called off on Thursday afternoon

‘We took our time with Wasserman Boxing and we made a decision that we felt was in the best interests of the parties involved.’ 

Sauerland, Eubank Jr’s promoter, was similarly exasperated at the cancellation of the bout.

He said: ‘So i’ve just come from Chris (Eubank Jr). He is hugely disappointed. He was ready, on weight and he was very much looking forward to this weekend. 

‘My feelings also go out to every single one of the undercard fighters. Remember it’s not just an event but a camp that every single one of them have gone through.

‘This matter was taken out of our hands. The handling of it we feel was totally inappropriate given the rules and we now look at the plans of rescheduling it.’

Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn had remained adamant the fight should still go ahead 

Matchroom confirmed that the fight has been ‘postponed’ on Thursday afternoon, revealing news on ticket refunds will follow

Hearn added: ‘This is a sport that is very very dear to us and we have been involved with through our entire lives.

‘And while we were desperate for this fight to take place for the fans and undercard fighters, we also made a decision that we felt we had to at this time especially considering the interest of the sport and the British public as well.

‘It wasn’t a decision that was easy and obviously for various reasons we won’t be taking questions today.

‘We will be back in touch about the new scheduled date for this fight. Again we apologise we weren’t able to give you this great fight on Dazn. But I hope you feel the correct action has been taken today.’ 

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