Darts legend Adrian Lewis quit booze after following Tyson Fury's lockdown workouts, which turned his life around

ADRIAN LEWIS admits he came close to quitting darts in 2019 as his game hit rock bottom.

But Jackpot reckons quitting the booze and copying heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury has turned round his life around.

In recent years, the Stoke star has slipped down the world rankings, underwent back surgery and seen his weight balloon.

The World No29 said: “I’ve been through hell this last year.

“I was ready to just quit the game. I just couldn’t get the balance right.

“The more work I put in, it just seemed to get worse. It’s so frustrating sometimes.

“This could be my last Matchplay. I was thinking that certainly in the Summer Series. Oh my goodness, it was terrible. I have fired anything since 2016. I have been in and out.”

In lockdown, Lewis used Fury's family online workouts as his inspiration and he is looking in the best physical shape for years.

Now I’m in that situation where I think: ‘Right this is your chance, you’ve got to shine, this is your tournament’.

The two-time world champion said: “It doesn’t happen overnight. I knew it was going to take a bit of time.

“For 14 weeks straight, I was working out seven days a week, circuits and it got me more and more fitter.

"I have lost the weight. I am training and working hard at my game. I have been knackered.

“I was getting myself psychologically fit more than physically fit. I haven’t had a drink in four months and I felt a lot better mentally. 

“To be fair to the likes of Rod Harrington and Matt Porter, they’ve been telling me for years.

“But I’m a young lad and I’m thinking: ‘Yeah whatever.’ Now looking back and the advice you’ve had in the past, you admit they were damn right.

“God loves a trier, let’s get things right here. I felt like the harder I tried the worse it got.

“So now I’m in that situation where I think: ‘Right this is your chance, you’ve got to shine, this is your tournament now.’

"This is where I’m at now in my mind.”


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