Baltimore Ravens, Philadelphia Eagles & Washington Football Team Won’t Allow Fans At Upcoming Home Games

Three NFL teams have decided to disallow fans from attending future games as COVID-19 cases continue to surge across the country.

The Baltimore Ravens, Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Football team recently began allowing a limited number of fans to attend their 2020 home games. But on Monday, the three teams announced in statements that they won’t be having them any time soon.

The Ravens announced that they won’t allow fans for Sunday’s pivotal Week 11 home game against the Tennessee Titans. Washington announced that there won’t be fans for Sunday’s Week 11 home game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

In their statement, the Eagles said they “will not be able to host fans at Lincoln Financial Field.”

None of the three teams specified how long the ban will be for. But with the regular season over in seven weeks, there’s a strong chance that they won’t have any more spectators at home in 2020.

Neither of these three teams allowed fans for their first slate of home games.  As noted by Nick Shook of, Philadelphia had up to 7,500 in attendance for their three most recent home games – against the Ravens (Week 6), New York Giants (Week 7) and Dallas Cowboys (Week 8).

Baltimore had slightly over 4,000 fans at their Week 8 home game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Washington had spectators for one home game, in Week 9 against the Giants.

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All 32 teams have either had a very limited amount of fans or no spectators at all in 2020. The New England Patriots and Las Vegas Raiders previously confirmed that they won’t have any fans at their 2020 home games.

Many other teams haven’t had any fans in attendance this season, but they have yet to make a final decision on possibly allowing a limited capacity. This includes the Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers, Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings.

The NFL is reportedly planning to have a capacity of about 20 percent for Super Bowl LV at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida on Feb. 7.

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