A Colorado radio host wished for a ‘nice school shooting’ to disrupt Donald Trump impeachment coverage. He was fired

A Denver radio host lost his job Wednesday after saying he wanted a “nice school shooting” to break up coverage of the “never-ending impeachment of Donald Trump.” 

Chuck Bonniwell made the remark during his talk show on Tuesday, local media outlets reported, and was immediately called out by his co-host.

“You know, you wish for a nice school shooting to interrupt the monopoly,” Bonniwell said.

“No, don’t even say that! Don’t call us! Chuck didn’t say that,” said Julie Hayden, who is also his wife. 

Bonniwell added “no one would be hurt” before introducing a caller to the 710 KNUS show. The station has since removed the recording from its online archive, but multiple local outlets saved the clip.

“Given the history of school violence that has plagued our community, 710 KNUS confirms that an inappropriate comment was made on the Chuck & Julie show by co-host Chuck Bonniwell,” the station said in a statement Wednesday night. “A programming decision was made to end the program immediately.”

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At a suburban Denver STEM school, two students killed one classmate and injured eight others in May. Nearby Columbine High School had marked the 20th anniversary of the shooting that left 13 people dead less than a month earlier.

The father of the student who died in the STEM school shooting, John Castillo, called the host’s comments “unbelievable.” 

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On the show’s Twitter page, Bonniwell issued a statement before deleting it Wednesday night. 

“I made an inappropriate comment meant as a joke,” he said. “I’m sorry it was not received that way.”

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