YouTube Stars Rhett and Link Create $5 Million Fund To Invest In Creators

Those who know the term “Good Mythical Morning” know that it goes hand-in-hand with long-running online content consumed by the masses. Now, Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal are branching out their empire.

The duo’s media company, Mythical, has moved forward with the Mythical Creator Accelerator. The $5 Million equity fund is devoted to backing creator-owned content in a digital world. They are pledging funds to those who have already garnered a large online following, created exciting brands, and bring potential for further growth.

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The team famous for eating gross foods isn’t going it alone. Mythical has recently signed former content producer for Warner Music’s IMGN Media, React Media, and NBC, Samantha Hamilton, to lead the charge, reporting to their official Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, Neel Yalamarthy.

Right off the bat, Jarvis Johnson has found the golden ticket. This former software engineer has been leading a team that analyzes some of YouTube’s seedier and more controversial content, like content farms, in a comedic way. With two million subscribers, the Sad Boyz podcast host (along with Jordan Adika) is the first to be funded by the Mythical Accelerator, although the exact price is yet unknown.

“Our investment in Jarvis signals our commitment to backing the rising stars of the creator economy, putting our profits and business-building expertise to work helping the next generation of culture-defining entertainers reach new heights,” Brian Flanagan, Mythical COO, said in a statement.

Rhett and Link broke onto the scene in 2011 with the first episode of “Good Morning Chia Lincoln.” From there, the pair have become a shocking juggernaut in a world where content was evolving before the eyes of an older generation. The shock-content that they brought to their channel slowly morphed into a more well-rounded presentation with a varied group of guests, ideas, and even a daily lineup.

“It was all so unknown when we were first getting started,” says Rhett explained to Forbes. “We were very much just focused on, ‘How can we keep doing this and providing for our families?’”

Link echoed his sentiments in the article by adding, “If you had told us about our current situation 15 years ago, I would’ve been elated and extremely relieved. It’s been scary. Would we have liked more support? Absolutely. Would we have liked to have someone we could have emulated? Definitely.”

Today, GMM has an astonishing 17.1 Million subscribers and counting at the time of this publication. As they begin reaching a hand out to other creators, one can only wonder how far can they go? To quote the two, “Let’s talk about that.”

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