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YOUR bed could be causing mould to build up in your home and all because it's in the wrong place.

If your bed's up against a wall, there's a chance it could be stopping air from circulating and causing condensation to build up.

This creates the perfect environment for mould to thrive.

Mould can cause serious problems,including allergies, breathing problems and rashes, so it's well worth tackling before it gets worse.

And having your bed against an external wall can be one of the reasons it forms in your bedroom, according to property experts at Homebase.

They said: "We all know external walls are colder than internal walls, especially during winter.



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"When warm, moist air inside the room comes into contact with the colder, external wall, it can lead to condensation and mould growth on walls and furniture."

The area between the bed and the external walls can also be dark and harder to reach, the experts said, making it more difficult to find mould.

They added: "Mould thrives in dark, damp environments, and if it remains untreated, it can spread and become a major health issue."

Having your bed in the wrong place can also cause moisture to get trapped, making it a good area for mould growth.

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This can be avoided by opening windows, using fans, or even a dehumidifier.

Of course, it might not be possible for your bed to be positioned in any other way.

If this is the case, make sure that you check regularly to see if mould is forming, and if you do find some, make sure you treat it properly.

We've shared some handy tips below on what to do if you find mould in your home.

Plus, we reveal four hidden mould hotspots around your home and how to fix them without breaking the bank.

What if I already have mould in my home?

Many experts say that bleach is all you need if you neither own nor want to buy specialised cleaning sprays and paints.

If using bleach, mix four parts of water with one part bleach.

You'll also need a stiff brush, a bucket of water with cloth, and another cloth for drying

Apply your solution to the affected areas (including a few inches around visible mould to kill any mould not yet visible).

Scrub it firmly with a strong brush.

Wait for as long as possible or until the mould completely disappears from sight and rinse the treated areas thoroughly.

Pat dry the area and allow it to completely dry before moving any furniture or placing items in front of the area.

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Meanwhile, we spoke to a property pro to find out how to prevent mould in your home this winter.

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