Yodel driver filmed throwing ‘fragile’ packages worth £160 over 8ft gate

A Yodel driver has been caught on camera launching two 16kg packages marked 'fragile' over an 8ft gate – even clambering on his van's bonnet to drop them over the top.

Jonathan Le Roux arrived at work to find his new £160 office chairs had been delivered but had been left out all night in the driveway.

After checking the CCTV, he watched the Yodel delivery driver throw one package over the tall gate, before struggling with the second.

But determined to get the parcels over, the driver then climbed back into his van, edged it closer and climbed on the bonnet – before launching the last box over.

Jonathan, 46, claims the driver didn't even attempt to use the entry pad and due to his 'stupid' actions, both boxes were damaged with one smashing open leaving parts of the chair hanging out.

Dad-of-three Jonathan, from Alton, Hampshire, said: "It was bizarre. He just launched them.

"He hadn't even tried to get in via the keypad first.

"We arrived to work and there were the two parcels that were the other side of a locked 8ft gate. It's a big security gate.

"The packages were 16kg each containing quite nice office chairs, costing £80 each.

"They were marked up as fragile and he's obviously taken no notice of that, or the weight.

"It must have taken quite a bit of effort and, of course, the heavier they are the more damage to be caused. We've refused to accept them both.

"It's stupid. We're left without our chairs now."

Jonathan and his business partner, Guy Prince, 47, are now battling to get Yodel to come and collect the damaged parcels and return them to the sender.

Jonathan said: "We've tried to get Yodel to come and collect the parcels again, but they're being pretty difficult at the moment.

"Yodel hadn't been in contact until Wednesday afternoon when my partner spoke to them.

"That's why I posted my little mickey-take. It was comical and ridiculous.

"Yesterday the delivery driver appeared with a package and started rowing with one of my staff because we'd reported the delivery. He was venting at my member of staff.

"You feel sorry for the drivers in a way because they're under pressure to deliver, but we're open 8.30am until 7.30pm in the week. It's absolutely clear that we are offices."

Yodel spokesperson Sarah Barnes said: "The safe delivery of parcels is our priority so we are very disappointed to see this driver breaking our protocols, letting both our customers and thousands of dedicated Yodel colleagues down.

"We have taken appropriate action with the individual involved and have also been in touch with Mr Le Roux to offer our apologies and assistance."

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