Womans potato peeler hack removes vegetable skin in quickest possible way

If you love cooking a Sunday roast, you might want to try this hack when peeling your favourite vegetable.

Jennifer demonstrated the trick in a video, which has since racked up nearly 12 million views.

She said: "Fun kitchen fact, did you know the reason why potato peelers swivel back and forth?

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"It is that not only you can go down but forward when you're peeling so that you can peel the entire thing super fast without having to actually lift up the peeler off of the vegetable."

Some viewers were impressed and said they've never seen or heard about this trick.

One commented: "I've always gotten mad because I thought mine was just always loose."

"I tried this trick on carrots! So much faster!" another shared. "The bigger tiems like potatoes are more awkward for me because my hands are small."

A third said: "I thought it was because you could use it with either your left or right hand, but thank you!"

Others were not too sure and deemed Jennifer's tip "dangerous" as they worried they might cut themselves when bringing the peeler towards themselves.

Jennifer made another post to prove that she's right.

"I have never even gotten close to cutting myslef with a potato peeler," she said while showing the trick again on a sweet potato.

"The reason is you're never really lifting the blade off of the potato, so you are not putting the blade in a position to cut you.

"The old school way — you pick the blade up and you put it down — it gives you an opportunity to accidentally miss and cut your skin."

To encourage people to try out the hack, Jennifer said they can use a fork to hold the potato while swiping the tool up and down the vegetable.

"But I promise this will be the quickest you've ever peeled potatoes in your entire life," she added.


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