Woman turns heads at the gym with her 'naked' outfit

Gym-goer posts video of her impressive strength workout – but leaves fans in hysterics with an unfortunate ‘naked’ wardrobe fail

  • A gymgoer has shocked thousands online after opting to wear nude tights 
  • The leggings made it seem like she was wearing nothing from the waist down
  • One TikTok video shared quickly amassed more than 17.1million views 
  • Many admitted they ‘ran’ to the comments to see what others had written  

Videos of a gymgoer showing her strength training session have gone viral for all the wrong reasons thanks to her unfortunate choice of leggings.

TikToker Toupouu amused thousands by wearing form-fitting nude tights that made it appear as though she wearing nothing from the waist down. 

One of the videos quickly amassed more than 17.1million views, with many admitting they ‘raced’ to the comments section to see what others had written.

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A gymgoer has shocked the internet after opting to wear a nude pair of tights that made is seem like she’s wearing nothing at all 

In the short clips, Toupouu approaches the  barbell, gets into position then squats the heavy weight. 

The comments were quickly flooded with responses with one woman saying she ‘gasped’ after watching the video and another encouraged Toupouu to buy tights in another shade.

‘I said “oh she’s CONFIDENT confident”,’ one woman wrote, and another ‘still doesn’t believe’ she’s wearing pants. 

‘I thought she had no pants on,’ a third wrote. 

After viewing the comments Toupouu posted another video wearing a different pair of tights. 

She said: ‘I love nude colours, brown, you’ll have to get used to it bro so look at the squat.’

Despite the comments, she continued to wear the nude tights to the gym and proudly post videos.

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