Woman sneaks out of restaurant after fiancé demands she pays for him and pals

Going out for dinner can be awkward when the food bill arrives.

While most people generally split the final costs, others rely on one person to cover the whole meal.

Now one woman was left in an awkward position after her fiancé ambushed her at the end of a dinner.

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To celebrate her pay rise, the female's partner expected her to treat him, as well as his friends too.

Despite already insisting she wouldn't cover it, her fiancé tried to throw the bill in her face when it came.

Then things got worse when the woman decided to just sneak out of the restaurant.

Posting on Reddit, the runaway diner said: "I (F33) have been engaged to my fiancé (M37) for 5 months.

"We don't share finance because that's what he wants.

"I got a rise on my salary now I earn 30% more than he does and I noticed he's been using this to ask me to pay for him and his pals.

"Whenever I say 'no' or 'why should I pay for this?' he'd respond with 'the 30% that's why'.

"He acts as if the 30% is unfair or that I'm not deserving of it."

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The woman added: "Several times he has tricked me to pay for his and his friend's meals by asking me publicly.

"Let me say that I'm too nice to say 'no', I hate confrontation especially when we're in public like a restaurant so I just grin and pay.

"Last Tuesday, he asked me to join him and his buddies for dinner.

"I told him from the start I wasn't paying for their food and he shouldn't expect me to. He said he 'got this' and 'no worries'."

The woman said once the food arrived, her partner leaned in and whispered that she would be paying for everything.

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She wrote: "I got so mad I whispered back 'no' but he probably relied on me not causing a scene in public and in front of his friends.

"He said 'you have enough money you could pay for everyone's food, 30% remember?' I was fuming inside.

"Instead of reacting negatively and losing my temper I waited until the bills arrived, I paid for mine then I went to the restroom.

"I then sneaked out from there, got into my car and went home.

"I started getting phone calls from my partner then texts asking where I was."

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The woman texted back saying she didn't appreciate being tricked into paying for his food and his friends' meal too.

An hour later he returned home and called her a cheapskate and childish for sneaking out.

"His friends didn't speak to me on this but he told me they're disappointed in my behaviour," she admitted.

"And they're telling him to take time and 'reflect' on the type of woman he's gonna be married to."

The woman asked Reddit users on their opinion and many people were quick to rush to her defence.

One said: "feel like you're the one that needs to do the reflecting on the type of man you'll be married to…"

Another added: "He needs to be an ex. Instead of being happy for your achievements he's bitter and jealous."

A third commented: "Why are you marrying someone who insists that his money is his money, but your money is also his money?"

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