Woman has awkward reaction as boyfriend unveils tattoo of her name on his chest

A man has caught his girlfriend by surprise when he showed off his "love tattoo" — and the moment turned awkward when she found out.

Darragh, from Ireland, has secretly done an inking "across his heart" and tattooed his girlfriend's name, Amber, on his chest.

Revealing the special tatt in front of the camera for a TikTok video, the 19-year-old lad performs a lip-sync to a song by pop queen Beyoncé.

In the now-viral clip, Darragh and Amber sit on the bed as they both look into the camera and Darragh starts pulling down his T-shirt while singing: "I tattoo your name across my heart.

"So it will remain, not even death could make us apart."

At this point, Amber drops her grin and turns around, finding her name inked on Darragh's left chest.

She asks him: "Is that real?"

"Yeah," Darragh replies. But the stunned girlfriend refuses to believe it and he reassures: "Yeah it's real."

Amber doesn't know what to react and looks back to the camera, covering her mouth in shock.

Eagle-eyed viewers picked up on Amber's reaction and said she "looked stressed".

One said: "She’s got the look of 'He doesn’t know I cheated on him'."

"Oh no, her reaction tells us where this relationship is going, hopefully I'm wrong," a second wrote and a third added: "That's literally Rule 101. Don't ever get their name tattooed."

Some said Amber could have been just feeling shocked as one mentioned: "I would be shocked, I wouldn't know what to do and that doesn't mean she doesn't like him though!"

Since Darragh posted the clip on Sunday (May 29), one asked if there has been any new development.

Darragh wrote in the comments: "My funeral is next week."

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