Woman flees arranged marriage and forms polyamorous throuple

Woman who fled an arranged marriage and moved in with married friends ends up falling for them BOTH – and they now live as a polyamorous throuple sharing four kids together

  • Piddu Kaur, 31, tied the knot with a man who her parents had chosen for her, but the 2009 marriage quickly broke down and ended in divorce months later 
  • She fled their hometown in California and moved to Indiana, where her married friends Sunny and Speetie Singh lived
  • They invited her to stay for a week, however within days of her arrival, Piddu and Speetie, 36, formed physical and emotional feelings for each other 
  • Sunny, 40, embraced the idea of bringing another woman into the marriage, and the trio decided to form a throuple; they have now been together for 10 years
  • Sunny and Speetie had two kids together when Piddu moved in, and the throuple has since welcomed two more children, one born to each woman 
  • The trio all come from traditional Indian families, and admit that they have been cut off by several relatives who disapprove of their unconventional romance 
  • They have also had to work at overcoming bitter feelings of jealousy, with Speetie admitting that she worried Sunny and Piddu would leave her 

A couple who invited a close friend to stay with them when her arranged marriage broke down has revealed how they formed a polyamorous throuple with her just weeks after she moved in.     

Entrepreneurial husband and wife Sunny and Speetie Singh, from Indianapolis, are childhood sweethearts who met in India before settling in the US together, eventually tying the knot in 2003 in a traditional Indian ceremony.

Six years later, Speetie, 36, attended the wedding of family friend Piddu Kaur, 31, whose marriage had been arranged by her parents and quickly broke down, ending in divorce just months after she tied the knot. 

Unique: Married couple Sunny and Speetie Sing have revealed how they formed a polyamorous throuple with friend Piddu Kaur after her arranged marriage broke down 

Family: The Indiana-based throuple, who have been together for ten years, are raising four children together (pictured)

Bond: Piddu, 31, went to stay with Sunny and Speetie after her divorce, and she quickly formed romantic feelings for Speetie, 36, with the two beginning a physical relationship 

Sunny, 40, and Speetie invited Piddu to stay in their home after she relocated from California to their hometown of Indiana in an attempt to move away from her ex-husband, who she says only agreed to marry her because of pressure from his parents – and because her parents promised to gift him a Mercedes. 

Not longer after she moved in with the couple, Piddu formed a close emotional and physical connection with Speetie – who had been in a relationship with another woman before she moved to America at age 18 to be with Sunny.   

Evolution: Sunny, 40, embraced the idea of welcoming another woman into his marriage and the trio decided to form a throuple

In their first year of marriage, Speetie had hesitantly opened up to Sunny about her same-sex relationship, something that he insisted he was perfectly fine with. And after he began to form his own feelings for Piddu, the couple decided to welcome her into their relationship. 

What was meant to be a one-week stay for Piddu in their home has since become a decade-long polyamorous relationship for the trio, who are still living together and raising four children together as a throuple. 

Sunny and Speetie already had two daughters together, Cookie, 16, and Kissie, 15. Since starting their relationship, the throuple have had two more children together, with Speetie giving birth to their third girl Toska, nine, before Piddu had their youngest named Bab, four.

‘We’ve been a triad for more than ten years and we love it,’ Speetie said. ‘Sunny and I were teenage sweethearts. Having been born in [Punjab], he moved to [New York] with his parents [when he was eight]. 

‘We ended up writing back and forth for years and eventually ended up happily married. 

‘When Piddu came into our lives, she was going through a divorce immediately after her marriage.

‘The marriage had been arranged by the elders of the family and just like me, she had migrated from her home in India to the US to be with her husband. Piddu and I hit it off right away.

‘Our endless conversations, crying on each other’s shoulders and laughing and dancing nonstop to high beats brought us closer in no time.

‘Our attraction wasn’t just emotional, we were clearly into each other and soon had our hands in each other’s [panties].

‘Sunny was ecstatic to have found another partner to share ideas with and fulfill his fantasies with too.

‘Within the first month of her landing in our home, it was clear none of us wanted Piddu to leave.

‘The kids were instantly accepting as Piddu is so naturally empathetic and caring.’ 

However it has not all been smooth sailing for the throuple, with Speetie admitting that it took her years to overcome her feelings of jealousy and insecurity – as well as her fears that Sunny could eventually leave her for Piddu, despite him insisting that it was his dream to be with two women.   

Brood: When Piddu moved in with Speetie and Sunny, the couple had two daughters, and the throuple have since welcomed two more children, one born to each woman 

Special: ‘Within the first month of her landing in our home, it was clear none of us wanted Piddu to leave,’ Speetie recalled

Emotional: The mother-of-four added that her eldest daughters happily welcomed Piddu into the family because she is ‘so naturally empathetic and caring’

Jet set: The throuple delight in traveling around the world as a family – and even returned to their homeland of India on a recent vacation (pictured) 

In order to make their relationship last, the trio has implemented rules to minimize feelings of jealousy, which include intimate time having to involve all three partners or none at all, no secrets between them, and no separate date nights. 

With their families coming from a traditional Indian background, the throuple have also been forced to cut ties with some extended family members who were unable to understand their decision to form a throuple.

And while men tell Sunny he is the ‘luckiest or unluckiest man in the world,’ since he has double the number of partners in the bedroom, some offer their pity over the fact that he has to deal with twice the ‘trouble’.  

‘Being in a unique setup has helped us grow immensely and we understand our emotions better every day,’ Speetie explained.

‘It has taken us years to outgrow jealousy and insecurities yet each fight has brought us closer.

‘Despite them both showering me with love, I often used to hear an insecure little voice in my head saying, “What if she steals Sunny from me and runs away?” and I reacted in fear of this by being a b***h to Piddu.

‘The purity in her heart still melts my heart. She’s a true goddess and a giver.

‘A few family members and old friends felt uncomfortable or drew lines in the sand and said that they couldn’t deal with us unless we separated. So we did. We separated from those people.

Backlash: The trio all come from strict Indian families, and admit that they have been rejected by several relatives who do not approve of their unconventional romance 

Go your own way: ‘A few family members and old friends felt uncomfortable or drew lines in the sand and said that they couldn’t deal with us unless we separated,’ Speetie revealed

Celebration: The throuple marked their ten-year anniversary on New Year’s Eve (pictured)

‘We get all sorts of confused stares when we are out in the world. Most are curious about exactly how we work.

‘Many assume at first that we’re just in it for the sex until they realize we’ve been together for longer than many marriages last.

‘Most men either say Sunny is lucky or pity him having to deal with twice the “trouble” and women want to know more about how it all works, especially in the bedroom.’

Joy: ‘It’s truly magical and beautiful to be able to share our immense love with each other and our four children,’ Speetie said

On New Year’s Eve 2020, the throuple decided to celebrate ten years of being together by performing a ceremony in which they wrote down the insecurities that they had felt in the past, sealed these in envelopes and then put them on a fire.

The throuple have shown that polyamorous relationships can survive the test of time and hope that the upcoming decade will prove just as fruitful for them as the one just gone.

‘As we discover companionship and fall in love with each other more, we don’t forget to count our blessings,’ Speetie said.

‘It is definitely possible to love more than one person. This is the life we love to live.

‘Being loved and supported so fully by more than one person makes us feel like the world is our playground.

‘We have all come to understand the difference between the weather and storms of temporary emotion and cultivating the larger climate of peace and love in our relationship.

‘It’s truly magical and beautiful to be able to share our immense love with each other and our four children.’

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