Why Everyone’s Talking About Joe And Jill Biden Getting Booed At The Super Bowl

Before Super Bowl LV, a pre-recorded message played, in which President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden recognized those who have lost their lives to COVID-19. “So please join us, the Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the National Football League in a moment of silence for the more than 440,000 Americans who lost their lives in this pandemic and for their loved ones who are left behind,” the president said. But instead of silence, there were boos.

People immediately turned to social media to share their thoughts, as reported by the Daily Mail: “That didn’t sound like a moment of silence.” “Was that a boo I hear from the crowd when Biden asked for us to have a moment of silence for +400K lost due to the COVID 19? Wow. That speaks volumes.” “That was the loudest moment of silence ever.” Some social media users stated that the booing was directed at the Bidens and not the moment of silence itself.

President Biden reminded people to wear masks, stay socially-distanced, and get vaccinated

While the amount of fans allowed into Sunday’s game was limited, there were still around 22,000 people there. Previously, the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Rochelle Walensky, said, “I’m worried about Super Bowl Sunday, quite honestly. People gather, they watch games together. We’ve seen outbreaks already from football parties. So I really do think that we need to watch this and be careful” (via Daily Mail).

Tampa, Florida, which hosted the Super Bowl, did have 150,000 donated masks that were given to anyone who needed one, according to The Houston Chronicle. Additionally, Biden’s message thanked frontline healthcare heroes and essential workers and reminded people to wear masks, stay socially-distanced, get tested, and get vaccinated. Hopefully, this work will keep bringing us closer to the end of the pandemic, since, as of Feb. 1, more Americans have received at least one dose of a vaccine than have tested positive for coronavirus, according to Bloomberg.

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