What Baby Sussex’s Zodiac Sign Means For His Future

After much anticipation (and speculation), Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s first child was born early in the morning of May 6, 2019. Baby Sussex, as he’s currently known to the public, arrived at 5:26 a.m. — one minute after sunrise in Windsor, UK. Although there’s plenty to discuss around the baby’s exact title and where he falls in the royal line of succession, we’re even more interested in the newborn’s astrological pedigree. Here, we’ll take a close look at Baby Sussex’s birth chart, particularly his sun, rising, and moon signs.

Baby Sussex was born too late to share his birthday with Queen Elizabeth (or his cousins Charlotte and Louis, for that matter), but he still shares his sun sign with them: Taurus. (For any non-astrology buffs reading, your sun sign is usually the first Zodiac sign you learn about, it reflects your basic personality, and it’s determined by the sign that the sun was aligned with at the moment of your birth.)

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Ruled by love planet Venus and the element of earth, Taurus’ personality is best reflected in Ferdinand, the fictional bull who preferred lounging in the sun over bullfighting. People born under this sign tend to be cautious, methodical thinkers who like to stay well within their comfort zone. Sure, they can be stubborn, but that same steadfast attitude makes Taureans some of the best friends and partners you can find. Once you bond with a Taurus, you can count on that connection.

Not only is Baby Sussex’s sun sign Taurus, his rising sign (or the sign that was on the horizon when he was born) is, too. In other words, both his general persona — likes, dislikes, quirks — and his first impression will be heavily influenced by Taurean traits. On one hand, this suggests that he’ll have a solid head on his shoulders and won’t be prone to unnecessarily risky behavior. On the other, this paints a pretty by-the-books (and some might even say boring) picture of the little one’s future. Luckily, Baby Sussex’s moon sign couldn’t be less Taurean.

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Your moon sign rules your innermost self — your emotions, desires, and how you view and talk to yourself. Someone’s moon sign usually isn’t evident right away, but, in some cases, it can nicely balance out their sun and rising signs’ influences on their personality. Baby Sussex, with his effervescent, insatiably curious Gemini moon, is one such case. Where his Taurus sun will keep him grounded, his moon sign will encourage him to ask questions, share his thoughts with others, and try new things (even if he eventually returns to the beaten path). Think of his moon sign as the little voice in his head that will remind him to lighten up every once in a while.

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This intermingling of earth and air in Baby Sussex’s chart bodes well for how he’ll bond with his parents. Prince Harry, a Virgo, is a fellow earth sign and will certainly support his son’s tendency toward the practical (though he may have to teach him a thing or two about organization). Meanwhile, Leo mother Meghan will encourage Baby Sussex to act boldly and show off that witty sense of humor his Gemini moon blessed him with. The family compatibility between Meghan, Harry, and Baby Sussex’s astrological signs seems as sweet as, well, Harry’s reaction to becoming a dad. 

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He may only be a few hours old, but Baby Sussex’s astrological profile is uniquely suited for a life of adhering to royal duties and rules — without taking things too seriously.

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