Welcome to Spoiler City: Here's How 'Game of Thrones' Ends

Game of Thrones is over, as is my only source of joy/happiness on Sundays. And in the event that you a) didn’t catch the episode, or b) have never seen this show and just want to know what the actual f*ck everyone’s talking about on Twitter, we have you covered.

Obviously, it goes without saying that extreme spoilers are lurking below so please don’t read anything beyond this point if you’re going get all grumpy about ruining the show for yourself and @ me on Twitter.

Kay, so how did Game of Thrones end? NOT GREAT, FRIEND.

1. After destroying King’s Landing and killing thousands of innocent people, Daenerys is fully a Mad Queen (ugh, at the writers relegating her character to this).

2. Daenerys finds out that Tyrion helped out Jaime and decides to lock him up—but not before he calls her out for slaughtering a city and throws his pin down on the floor.

3. Jon ends up killing Daenerys in order to stop her from ruling Westeros and murdering more innocent people. Drogon takes her body and peaces out, but not before low-key melting the iron throne.

4. Bran ends up on the Iron Throne by virtue of a council vote. Kay.

5. Jon Snow heads back to the Wall and is told he can’t have kids or make a play for the throne.

6. The Unsullied peace out.

7. Sansa Stark becomes Lady of the North while Arya fully just does her own thing and decides to explore uncharted parts of Westeros (cough, potential spin-off, cough).

8. We get a closing montage (I KNOW, kinda cheesy) of Arya chilling on a ship, Sansa ruling Winterfell as Queen like a true boss, and Jon going north of the wall with good boi Ghost and Tormund.

Annnnnd that’s about it. I was hoping for at least a couple resurrections, Evil Bran, and the return of the Night King, so consider me disappointed. What about you?

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