We Got Sigrid To Try Out Some TikTok Vocal Challenges

I’m not sure what helps people master the TikTok Voice Challenge more: legitimate vocal skill or pure perseverance. I mean, our guest Sigrid has some pretty flawless pipes but even she got a tiny bit stressed. The way of the game is this: We invite the professionals to do some of the popular vocal challenges making waves on TikTok. Trust, it gets pretty high pressure.

In this episode, we presented Sigrid with a falsetto exercise, a vocal warmup, some melody matching, and a whole lotta other super technical vocal stuff that probably would really overwhelm the less talented population. Like just imagine trying to sing a Celine Dion-inspired scale on camera without crying. If that experience wouldn’t leave you traumatized, maybe it’s time to reach out to a few record labels or something.

Obvi Sigrid had no issues slaying each and every challenge. I mean if you’ve checked out any of her music, that comes as no surprise. Watch the full episode to listen to all of the excellence!

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